ProductJunkiexoxo ’I’ve Been Hacked For My Man!” RANT [Deleted Video]


ProductJunkiexoxo uploads a video entitled, “I’ve Been Hacked For My Man!” onto her YouTube channel this morning. Valencia Cagiano sits in her bathroom upset with social media and how subscribers are peering into her dating life. Valencia reveals someone tried to hack into both her and Brian’s Instagram, iamBrianSam. Valencia begins the vlog saying it’s “too early for this foolishness.”


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Valencia says she doesn’t care anymore and repeats it’s way too early “for this drama this morning.” Valencia says,

“I just wanna say, I don’t care anymore… I don’t understand and I have really come to the point where I have stopped caring of people’s opinion. Like you’re opinion about me does not matter what so ever, that’s why I’m still here and why I haven’t gone anywhere.”

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Valencia says there are those who are not ‘real supporters’ who will “stab your ass in the back.” Valencia then calls those unsupportive viewers ‘roaches’ and says they would want to come to her gynecologist appointment and be interested in the diagnosis and results of that appointment. Valencia says she has to calm down and walks out into the garage.

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Valencia continues to say she doesn’t need to be angry as she is blessed beyond measure.

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“If I told you how good my life is you wouldn’t believe me. And you only see what I show you and what I allow to show you.”


“This morning someone tried to hack my Instagram, good luck with that, if you wanna do that, I’ll just create another Instagram. It’s not a big deal to me. Someone tried to hack into Brian’s Instagram that we just made, uh, what was is—yesterday, or two days ago? We just made an Instagram together so when we go out and take pictures it’ll be posted on there instead of my Instagram—my relationship with him will be something different. And we’re having fun and we like each other or whatever and, I will say this, I would not be showing this man’s arm, half a beard or whatever if he wasn’t important to me in my life.”

Brian’s Instagram account. [Photo via iBrianSam/Instagram]

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Valencia then says those adults who have real jobs don’t need to know any further. Valencia then calls those who pry a “roach” and suggest they call the Everest college commercial to ‘get an education.’

“Real adults who have actual jobs don’t need to know anything further. Some of y’all are sitting at home right now, you’re on the internet—being a roach, I can’t even say a troll, being a roach, because roaches deal in darkness or what not when you really could be going somewhere getting your education. You need to call that Everest commercial, that man is speaking to you right now, in the name of Jesus. You know why, cause I got mine, you looking at me and you thinking’ I don’t got mine but I got mine, and mine is still coming. And more is coming for me, blessing on top of blessings on top of blessings on top of blessings and you’re missing yours f*cking me.”

Valencia tells some people to “back up” and let a relationship run it’s course.

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“I feel like people want me to define this man as my man or whatever-you know, I’m out here having fun. I’m out here dating. I can do that. I feel like I can do this, I really do—but to force me to show somebody’s face because you’re that thirsty—you really don’t have a job. Cause I guarantee you if you woke up this morning and went to your good paying 9-5 job you wouldn’t have time to hack anyone’s account.”

Jim and Valencia Cagiano recently divorced this year after being married for over a decade. Valencia claims Jim cheated on her during the pregnancy of her twins and recently in 2015. In 2015, Valencia recorded a phone call of her husband admitting to cheating on her and asking if his new girlfriend—who is allegedly a Captain in the military—to meet their four children.

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