ProductJunkiexoxo: Divorced Mom-Of-Four, Dating A New Man? [PHOTOS]


ProductJunkiexoxo uploaded a vlog compiled of Snapchat stories and titled it, “Bae Watch.” Valencia Cagiano teases viewers with candid Snapchat clips of her new man! In her previous vlog titled, “Leave Me Alone,” Valencia asks her ex-husband to stop “clocking the miles” on her “life-giver.” Valencia says she’s decided to only share images of her new man on Snapchat and not YouTube. Valencia says if she does share video footage of her new guy it will only be his hands, foot, or voice.

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“You all may ask me, ‘Well, why won’t you show his face?’ Cause I’m not… y’all know I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt… I kinda wanna do certain things private, I think this time around you live, you learn—I’ve learned my first time around on YouTube…”

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Valencia says she’s been enjoying her life and being a mommy since school has started for her four children. Valencia says she consider’s the new guy a ‘bae’ because he is not in the “friend-zone” he’s more in the ‘bad’ zone. Valencia says she’s known him for quite some time and she will share the details of her date with viewers on Snapchat. Valencia tells viewers to follow her on Snapchat.

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“I wanna keep that part private for as long as possible you all find out this person out—because I know ya’ll, best friends… ya’ll are very, very. Very crafty creatures out there.”

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Valencia explains she’s nervous and doesn’t understand how to date after a divorce—but, she’s having fun during this time in her life.

“I’m nervous… like how do you date after? It’s all fresh and new to me, but I’m having fun.”

Valencia then shows clips of her and new “bae” at a club. Valencia is wearing a long-sleeved short black mini dress with black thigh high boots. The vlogger gives Snapchat viewers clips of her giggling and dancing with “bae.”

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Jim and Valencia Cagiano recently divorced this year after being married for over a decade. Valencia claims Jim cheated on her during the pregnancy of her twins and recently in 2015. In 2015, Valencia recorded a phone call of her husband admitting to cheating on her and asking if his new girlfriend—who is allegedly a Captain in the military—to meet their four children.

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