ProductJunkiexoxo: ‘Why Are You Clocking The Miles On My Life Giver?,’ Valencia Tells Ex Husband, Jim Cagiano To Leave Her Alone?


ProductJunkiexoxo or Valencia Cagiano has had enough of soon to be ex-husband, Jim Cagiano calling her and inquiring about her personal life. Valencia uploaded a vlog entitled, “Leave Me Alone” to her YouTube channel, ProductJunkiexoxo. Valencia expresses to viewers that she has tried to be the ‘bigger person’ however, the ‘devil’ wants her to fight.

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‘Lord Voldemort’ is a name many viewers understand to be ex husband, Jim Cagiano. Lord Voldemort in the movie Harry Potter is the archenemy of Harry Potter, “Nearly every witch or wizard dares not utter his unmentionable name, and refers to him instead with such expressions as ‘You-Know-Who,’ ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’ or the ‘Dark Lord’.”

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Valencia says ‘Lord Voldemort’ watches the vlogs and thinks ‘somebody’ wants him. Valencia says she received 12 different phone calls from ‘Lord Voldemort’ while their four children were in activities. Valencia then says she posted a ‘Q & A’ for her subscribers and somewhere within the ‘Q & A’ ‘Lord Voldemort’ heard Valencia wanted him back. Valencia maintains the way her ex husband behaved in their marriage was despicable, spelling it “dispicable” in the video:

“Boo boo. I don’t want you back. The way you did yo family and your kids is despicable. Okay? Despicable!”

Valencia, who refers to subscribers as, ‘best friends’ says she has not revealed the complete details of what her husband has done to her and their family within their marriage. Valencia says God did not fix her marriage because he wanted her to ‘run away.’

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Valencia says she deals with a lot of “behind the scenes” YouTube stuff on a day to day basis but prefers to keep her channel drama free.

“I’ve had this person call me on the phone and ask me if I’m sleeping with anybody?, Do I have my kids around people? Woo, woo, woo and I better not and woo, woo, woo like—Why are you clocking the miles on my life-giver?…”

Cagiano maintains her ex told her several times that he does not give a f**k about her.

“That’s why your family lives in somebody else house, because you don’t know how to deal with problems.”

Valencia says ‘this person’ does not know how to have a normal conversation with her without revealing he does not ‘give a f**k’ about her.

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“You mad because we left to show you that we don’t need to give an ‘f’ about a person like you? So you can carry on with the girlfriend who you say is not your girlfriend, but we know she your girlfriend, but don’t nobody care cause we trying to move on with our lives. Like, let’s move on… if you wanna be a cheater be a cheater over there.”

Valencia says, “don’t tell me that I can’t say you’re a cheater because you’re a freakin’ cheater!. That’s not a lie, nobody’s out here slandering you.”

Valencia maintains she keeps getting harassed when she speaks to her ex about the kids. Valencia says he questions her sex life and why she does not answer the phone when he calls. Valencia says when “you tell the mother of your kids’ you don’t give a f**k about her—cool.” Valencia says she’s just trying to live her life—a life that was interrupted by this ‘foolishness.’

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Valencia says people only want power and control, therefore she doesn’t feel she needs to explain herself or lie about anything regarding her behavior in her past relationship. Valencia says she is not mad but has accepted the current situation.

“…this person is miserable and alone over there and everything will always be my fault. This person will never take any ownership in the lies they told, the seed’s they sowed.”

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