ProductJunkiexoxo Soon To Be EX-HUSBAND CALLS & Asks About OTHER MAN!


ProductJunkiexoxo states this vlog uploaded was a reenactment—posting this in the description box. Valencia Cagiano—mother of four (two of which are twins) recently separated form military husband, Jim Cagiano. Valencia sits in the new landcover bought and discusses an alleged phone call that went on between her and soon to be ex husband, Jim Cagiano.



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Valencia has been recently going to CrossFit, working on her music, getting in touch with other YouTubers (The Garish Life) and looking to go find a job in Pharmacy. Valencia has been working on music in Orlando, Florida with music producer—Will.

In the beginning of the vlog, ProductJunkiexoxo puts up a disclaimer indicating she was veeeery emotional on this day and is still in the process of moving forward.

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Valencia says she is still having issues with her eye—then says she is having an emotional setback (it is the new year). Valencia says she gets a phone call “from thou who shalt not be given a name”—she calls him Lord Voldemort, saying she gave this man her personal phone number in case of emergencies. Valencia says this person was begging her to call him after 8:00pm—she says she doesn’t know why she’s concerned about this person who is begging her for over 5 minutes to call her.

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“You’re still my wife…You’re still my wife and I really need to talk to you… Oh, the wife that you abandoned?”


She calls him a “master manipulator”—she says “like a fish on a worm to hook, that’s being hung by a fisherman waiting to snatch that fish up and put it in the frying pan and eat it for dinner over some bread and mustard—I call him…aka Lord Voldemort.”—she calls him and asks what is it about and he says,

“How are you, happy new year—I’m just calling to say hello…I just thought we could talk…whose Will?”

Valencia says she felt baited to call as if it were a life or death situation, as if he were being audited and he’s calling about her “best friend” Will. Valencia says she and this man will never be friends—she’s just a lady who has his kids.

Valencia says she’s is not afraid to tell her Harpo story,

“I’m upset because my whole life has drastically changed on account of you not being able to keep your p**** to yourself and leaving me out in the dust to take care of four children, by myself, find a job and get a new life and you calling me about  a Will?! WHY are you concerned?!”

Valencia says one of his friends must have told him about the video because she and Will are awesome friends with Chemistry together. She said you have to have chemistry in order to create good music. Valencia says you start to hang out with people in the music industry more and more and you vibe with them. Valencia says her time was being wasted on her cell phone that he wasn’t paying for. Valencia makes it clear she is not seeing Will and they are just friends. Valencia says she needed to get all of this off of her chest and called everyone in her phone book about this situation. Valencia says a man who abandoned his family and wife is calling about who she is out having business dinner and drinks with. Valencia says all he needs to worry about is divorce papers, paying child support on time and being in his kids life. Valencia says,

“Then he has the audacity to say—well, if you’re dating—I’m gonna date too. WHAT?! You BEEN dating! When I was pregnant with MY TWINS! YOU HAD A GIRLFRIEND! FOR A WHOLE YEAR! What is you talking about?! I left you because you started dating again! To something that looked like—I don’t even know what it was—but it was something—that you were making plans with! True story. I can’t make this stuff up, yawl. I’m just a wife going through a divorce, trying to get her sexy back—and raise four kids by herself!”

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