ProductJunkieXoxo Records Phone Call of CHEATING HUSBAND Asking HER To Meet The SIDE CHICK!! WHAT?!!

Valencia Cagiano, creator of ProductJunkieXoxo YouTube channel dropped a bomb of a vlog today—on Valentine’s Day!! Valencia provided audio of her husband telling her he has a girlfriend and wants Valencia (wife and mother of four)—to MEET the mistress, the other woman, the side chick!! Valencia trail blazes through YouTube breaking the silence for women who usually this kind of emotional turmoil in private. Valencia Cagiano has been married to military husband, Jim Cagiano for 12 YEARS and share FOUR adorable children together—two of them being twins! Valencia revealed Jim cheated on her while she was pregnant with their twins and vlogging on YouTube was a way to escape the marital stress and connect with others during a horrible time.

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After finding out her husband cheated while pregnant with her twins—Israel and JordanValencia went went to live with her mother, GiGi. While living in Florida, Valencia went into labor and had the twins. Her husband Jim apologized and promised to make amends—asking her to come back to Virginia with the children.

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Once again—more cheating occurred. Valencia finally felt like she had enough. During the summer for 2015—Valencia packed her things and took four kids again to Florida to live with her mother, GiGi. While living with GiGi, Valencia dropped hints throughout the last several months as to why she took her four children and left her husband. Now, in 2016—Valencia has revealed more and more and Valentines Day—Valencia revealed all!

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ProductJunkiexoxo—Real Confessions: Husband and Military Girlfriend Exposed!

Here are transcripts of the conversation Valencia had with soon to be ex husband, Jim Cagiano! Also, Jim Cagiano reveals the FIRST and LAST name of the girlfriend in the vlogs! And apparently she’s ALSO in the military! Also—another family vlogger, TheBellsPlusOne did some investigating and found Jim’s girlfriend on facebook!

productjunkiexoxo BellsPlusOne vlogger also photo’s on her Instagram, which was supposed to be taken on Christmas Day. Jim Cagiano with alleged girlfriend and family.

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Valencia begins the vlog saying,

“I’ve been angry long enough—I’ve cried long enough…I’ve protected my husband long enough…No more.”

The vlog cuts to a screen where Valencia dedicates the vlog to every military spouse who has been cheated on and decides to stay silent. Valencia tells them they have a VOICE and to USE IT!

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Valencia asks (not yet ex husband) why he wants his current girlfriend to meet their FOUR kids & Jim responds “because I do…not right now”.
Valencia: “How long you two been dating?”—Jim says a “few months”.
Valencia: “Where did you meet?”—Jim says “At TGIFridays”.
Valencia: “Why would you do that if you know were still married?”
Jim: “I don’t know Valencia, because I know that I don’t wanna be with you anymore…and you don’t wanna be with me”.
Valencia: “Who says that I didn’t wanna be with you anymore? I loved you Jim, I loved you a lot and I wanted is for you to come and get us when we left and you never did. I was only going to come here for my moms birthday and come back home—and you started acting the way you did. You showed me that you didn’t want your family—so I never came back. And then you filed for divorce papers. And you were having parties right after I left—and you were having that guy living at the house—what’s that guys name? What was his name? That guy that was living at the house with you after I left. R___ and who was in the kids bed laying down and I was pissed. Who was smoking marijuana? M______, yeah….And you ump right into another relationship while were still married. [Silence]. And you don’t think I have any reason to be upset?”
Jim: No, not that you don’t care about being married to me anymore.
Valencia: I never said I didn’t care, Jim. Once again
Jim: Once again, you said you wan’t nothing further to do with me, you didn’t want to be with me and you wanted to move on.

productjunkiexoxoValencia: No because I know you are dating somebody. [Silence] And you just said you “love” this chick. [Silence] So how would I make my marriage work with you. [Silence] if I know that you’re dating somebody? [Silence] And you practically live with her. [Silence] And you’ve been sleeping with her. [Long Silence] Which, I mean has interrupted any reconciliation we could possible have? [Silence] I’m not dating anybody, I haven’t started dating anybody. How can we reconcile if you’re with somebody else and now you’re in love with her. [Silence] And you say she wants to meet my kids?
Jim: She would like to eventually meet the kids, yes.
Valencia: Yeah but…[Silence] What’s her name? Her first name?
Jim: I thought you already know.
Valencia: No, I only know her last name.
Jim: What’s (your?) last name? (Sounds like sarcastically asks the girlfriend what her last name is!)
Valencia: Why don’t you tell me if you wanna really be honest.
Jim: [Jim reveals the last name].
Valencia: [Asks for clarification] What’s her last name?

Jim: [Repeats]
Valencia: What’s her last name?
Jim: I thought you already know her last name.
Valencia: I do but I wanna know if you’re being truthful Jim.
Jim: Yes, I’m being truthful Valencia.
Valencia: What’s her last name?
Jim: [Reveals]
Valencia: [Repeats and confirms name Jim reveals] and tell me why I shouldn’t call your commander or whoever is over her and tell them? [Silence] Because we’re still very married, James. [Silence] So you mean to tell me—you would [stops speaking]—that’s ok.
Jim: What?
Valencia: Nothing. [Long silence] And then you’re claiming the kids on the tax returns. It’s not right—it’s a whole bunch of stuff is not right. I’m trying to figure out why you’re trying to claim the kids on the tax returns— their not with you, you’re not taking care of them, you don’t pick them up from school—nothing. You just want the money, the entitlement of the money.
Jim: I asked you if you wanted to file together and you said, “no”.
Valencia: No, I don’t want to file together. I think that we should file separate and I should take all four kids. I know I’m not gonna get everything from tax returns from all four kids but it’s only right.
Jim: Why is that right? So you [??] for living in Virginia for half the year?
Valencia: I’m taking care of them.
Jim: Ok! You’re doing what any other mother does in a divorce Valencia!
Valencia: And most other mothers—my dad never claimed me—he never got to claim us.
Jim: Yes—the father claims the children just like you cannot claim child support. Just like my father claimed me.
Valencia: I can claim child support.
Jim: No you can’t claim child support.
Valencia: I know that you can’t claim child support.
Jim: I already spoke with—
Valencia: You don’t have the kids and you’re gonna have to come to terms with you not being able to claim them. You cannot claim them, that’s not right. And then you want to give me a small portion of the children I’m taking care of. And you claimed the babies? I’m taking care of the babies. The point is you’re being messy. You’ve been partying, you’ve been dating—you have a girlfriend—we’re still married, you filed taxes separately and you only wanna give me a small portion. That doesn’t make any sense when I have the children, all of them. You haven’t come to see them, you’ve come to the state of Florida—
Jim: I did, don’t say that…
Valencia: You didn’t say you were in the state of Florida. Why would you do that?
Jim: Because I came to Florida when the kids were in school.
Valencia: That’s the point, you’re not being honest. You did not say “I’m in Florida”.
Jim: I don’t believe you would’ve—
Valencia: But why didn’t you try? Yes I would’ve! I need a break! Do you know the emotional stress that I’ve gone through with this relationship? How much it’s damaged me? The anxiety that I go through—taking care of these children by myself? And I’ve asked you on several—more than one occasion when are you going to see the kids? If I’m not ok—the kids are not ok. If my health is bad—then how can I care for them to the best of my ability? And to know that you came to this state and didn’t even say that you were here—makes yet again another notch on why you cannot be trusted cause you don’t tell the truth.

Jim Cagiano with children.

Jim: Can I talk please? You keep talking over me. Would you like me to come down for a couple days and take the kids?
Valencia: No because I don’t know if she’s gonna be with you or not and that’s unacceptable for me—honestly, that’s very unacceptable.
Jim: She wouldn’t be with me Valencia.
Valencia: I don’t know that—you’ve done so many things on this list that is untrustworthy that I can’t take your word for anything. And you have to understand that.
Jim: She doesn’t meet the kids until she meets you Valencia.
Valencia: I’m not meeting her, honey. I’m not meeting her. She’s messing with a married man. I’m not meeting her, that’s disrespectful. She’s f*cking my husband. [Loooooong silence]. I think I’ve been more than nice to you. I left everything. I left everything.
Jim:  You left everything because you didn’t want to drive—I asked you—


Valencia: I left everything because I did not have the money at the time to take things, Jim and as a man—I asked you to leave the house on more than one occasion and you told me “No, this is my house.” You let me leave with my kids. You never once said “oh, she’s serious—let me go move somewhere” and you’d be around your kids. But we were not, the kids were not important for you to come up from out of your own ego and say, “Hey, this kid has my four kids, let me make sure, she has a place to stay—instead of having to travel across country—to go live with her mama.” That makes no sense and now I need to be okay with you dating someone else right now. So let me get this straight—you basically want to mentally abuse me and bash—you literally want to beat my soul up and then you want to introduce me to this chick. That you’re seeing while you’re married. [Silence] And even if there was room for reconciliation, you’ve closed that door because you’re like “Hey, I’m in love with somebody else now”. So you can’t possibly, you’re literally giving the love that you should be giving to your wife right now—you’ve said “To hell with my wife, I’m gonna start something new while I’m still married and give it to somebody else” [Silence]. And then you had the audacity to call me and ask me if I was dating cause you’re gonna start dating when you’ve been dating.  And I’m not even dating anybody and you’ve been dating. It’s confusing. [Long silence] It’s confusing. And I just feel like—you feel like I make enough money that you don’t have to financially do anything. Oh, she drives a Range Rover, she does this—so does that make you not have to take care of your kids? That makes you not have to come see them? I’m confused.

ProductJunkiexoxo shows full body of Range Rover in photo.


Jim: That has nothing to do with it Valencia.
Valencia: So why because of whatever I have—do you not have to do anything extra as a parent? I do everything extra for my kids.
Jim: I don’t have any money to come and visit—
Valencia: Liiiies. You came down here, why don’t you ask your girlfriend—she got a good rank. C’mon now, c’mon now. You came down here and this is why that day I said you’re not a good father—my spirit tells me you are not—because any person I would not be able to be n the same state and know my kids where in that state and I haven’t seen them, and my son is suffering emotionally and he’s going to counseling—“hey I’m passing through—I have to see my kids”. We were never your #1 priority. Everybody else comes first. My god you’re still married and you’re putting this lady first.
Jim: No.
Valencia: Yes, she comes first. That’s why you took her down to meet your dad?
Jim: My kids come first.
Valencia: I got friends. Best friends that live in that area, a couple of vloggers that live in that area. That’s how I knew where you were. And sometimes when you call and tell all these lies and get upset, I already know things. So what am I supposed to do now, just be happy?
Jim: What?
Valencia: What am I supposed to do now?
Jim: Nothing.
Valencia: Because you say so? If you cared about your kids, you wouldn’t be behaving this way. Why’d o I have to be the bigger person? Why’d o I always have to be the bigger person and suck it up for Jimmy? [Silence] I’ll wait. I’m waiting. I wanna know why I have to take whatever you do and be okay with it? Whatever you do, whatever you decide I have to be okay with it? [Long silence] Everything I ever wanted with you, you’re now doing with somebody else.
Jim: What’s that?
Valencia: Love. Dates. To be  taken out on dates. I mean, the year that I came back after you cheated on me with that other chick, I didn’t get taken out on one date. And the places that we did go was because I said, “hell I’m gonna take myself out on a date, I’m gonna go here by myself” and it was the kindness of [Name of friend] that said “Hey Jim, you should go with your wife”. You never put any effort into us, it was just “He said I’m sorry, so his sorry should be good enough”. You can’t keep beating somebody up and expecting them to be okay. And you beat me up. Even when we stopped going to counseling the first time. I found out—your girlfriend at that time told me everything and I was devastated. And you didn’t say, “No we’re gonna keep going to counseling, I know you’re hurt right now but were gonna make it”. You were like, “F*ck it, if she don’t wanna go to counseling, we won’t go to counseling.” And the second time, it took [Name of two friends] to come inside the house and force you to pick up the phone. All those letters, all those emails…My problem is you should’ve just let me stay here. If you weren’t ready for marriage and the work that it took, it should’ve been a “no-go”. [Long silence] Is there anything you wanna say?
Jim: I’m sorry, Valencia.
Valencia: About everything?
Jim: About everything. For how things turned out.
Valencia: Why? Why’d did things turn out the way they did? Are you sorry for your behavior?
Jim: Yes, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.
Valencia: Do you think you were wrong for your behavior?
Jim: I was wrong for some of it.
Valencia: I’m not asking about my part in being an “angry wife”, I’m talking about you. Do you think your behavior was wrong?
Jim:  Yes, I think some of my behavior was wrong and I apologize for that. I do love you, still. I’ll always have love for you—you’re the mother of our children. I just want for us to go ahead and get along and take care of our kids.
Valencia: We’re only gonna get along if you’re truthful though. We’re only gonna get along if you can be honest. The reason why we have not gotten along is because you have not been honest. And I always say this to you, the truth comes out. And it always comes out with you, Jim. And what hurts me the most is that you can still sit and lie to me in my face and I always have to find it out from other people. People online who have never met met. “You’re husband was in Florida? What is he doing here?” Huh? Excuse me? That makes no sense to me. [Silence] But you love me and you care?[Silence]  Honestly, I don’t have any respect for your girlfriend because she has no respect for my marriage—but I do think ya’ll deserve each other. [Silence]
Jim: [Silence]
Valencia: What are you gonna do with her for Valentines Day?
Jim: Uh, nothing.
Valencia: Whatever, Jim. I hope you guys have a nice “date night”. I’ll be here with my kids. But I hope that you guys have a nice time. Bye.
Valencia ends the vlogs telling viewers she wants to begin a support group for military wives who are struggling to find a way out and says,

“Love does not hurt you. Love does not betray you. And love, will not abandon you.”

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