ProductJunkiexoxo Goes On GIRLS NIGHT OUT With Fellow YouTube Vlogger!

ProductJunkiexoxo Goes On Girls Night Out With Fellow YouTube Vlogger!

In today’s vlog Valencia Cagiano aka ProductJunkiexoxo runs a few errands and makes it back home (Jacksonville, Fl) to pack a bag because she is going out tonight in Orlando! Valencia has been stuck in the house for several months taking care of the four children (two of them being twins) she shares with husband, Jim Cagiano. Valencia has recently separated from husband Jim Cagiano after finding out of his cheating and online affairs during the end of the summer of 2015. After moving from Virginia to Florida to live with mom, GiGi–Valencia is now transitioning and trying to find balance between becoming a suddenly single mom, taking her music career to the next level and keeping up with her YouTube channel.

A viewer asks Valencia if she will go full time into her pharmacy career path or will she go full time on YouTube. Valencia says her ultimate goal is to go full time YouTube—but to also have a pharmacy job. Valencia mentions she has major upcoming news for viewers and does not want to overshare what’s going on behind the scenes.

Possible New Job, More Children and Advice for Upcoming YouTubers

Valencia says pretty soon she will be “clocking in and out of a job”, meaning she will have a new job pretty soon. Valencia gives advice to viewers who want to start up a YouTube channel and tells them to pay attention to the positive people who are supporting you as opposed to “haters”. Valencia says if they are being authentic—they will do well.productjunkiexoxo

Valencia then goes to answer a question from a viewer asking her if she would have more children. Valencia says if she were to get married again, if her physical body were willing to carry a child and if she was in a secure relationship with the right person—then she would be open to having more children.


Valencia drives to Orlando and does her makeup in the car and gets ready to meet up fellow YouTuber Whitney of the The Garish Life—who was late. Valencia and Whitney go to a movie and Margaritaville and jokingly shows viewers Valencia’s “new man”, also named Jim! Valencia and Whitney laugh saying their going to call him, “Jim Daddy”productjunkiexoxo

Valencia and Whitney say their goodbyes and both go home. Whitney waves an Ice Cube fan around from event involving Ice Cube.

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