YouTube marriage proposal videos.

Karina Garcia is engaged to Raul

Karina Garcia Is Engaged To Boyfriend Of Five Years!

Karina Garcia, 24, announced her engagement news to her fans via Instagram and followed up with a YouTube video titled, "SURPRISE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL! OUR 5...

Tyler Shelton NERVOUS When Proposing To Girlfriend Of 7 Years?!

Tyler Shelton uploaded a vlog entitled, “The Day I Proposed” and describes the various emotions he felt when proposing to girlfriend of 7 years,...
charles trippy

CHARLES TRIPPY PROPOSES To Girlfriend, Allie Wesenberg!

Charles Trippy uploaded a vlog entitled, “Will You Marry Me (Our Story Begins)” in which he proposes to girlfriend of two years, Allie Marie...

SeeAyanna And Kevin Are Engaged! Surprise Proposal For Best Friend Of LaToyaForever!

Ayanna of SeeAyanna YouTube channel has hit some maaaajor milestones in the last several months! After giving birth to her first child with long time...

TribeTyler Proposal to Girlfriend Haylee Rose in Italy!

A TribeTyler Proposal TribeTyler is now asking girlfriend of 7 years-Haylee Rose to marry him. This proposal comes without the blessing of her father, who has...


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