Family Vloggers Sam and Nia Get ABC News Special!

Sam and Nia abc news

ABC News Interviews Sam and Nia at Home

Sam and Nia published a vlog on their YouTube channel August 20th, 2015 entitled, “NATIONAL NEWS FROM OUR LIVING ROOM!”. Several mainstream news networks interviewed Sam and Nia in their living room regarding the controversial pregnancy reveal and miscarriage vlogs posted on YouTube.

sam and nia
Sam and Nia vlogging ABC News Interview. [Source via Sam and Nia/YouTube]
On August 21st, 2015-Sam and Nia respond to the Ashley Madison scandal in their vlog, “FORGIVEN”. Looming around the corner was Vlogger Fair 2015, Sam and Nia attended and subsequently got kicked out. In between Sam and Nia’s crazy month of August, they did not promote or mention the ABC News interview they vlogged in their home. Here it is!

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