Sam and Nia Meet The FunnyRats

sam and nia

Sam and Nia Rader Have a Vlogger Meetup with The FunnyRats!

11:07 In the middle of Sam and Nia’s ABC DANCE BATTLE UPDATE vlog, they meet the The FunnyRats for lunch. Lane tells Sam he’s been vlogging for 6 years-in which Sam looks as if he will nearly pass out. Sam gives Lane a “There NO  f########## WAY I’m vlogging for 6 years before going viral!” look.


Sam and Nia take The FunnyRat’s to a local park.

17:51 Sam and Nia then return home to change baby Logan’s diaper-not before Logan hits his head when Nia slide’s across the changing table. A quick thinking Nia made sure to distract Logan with giggles & silly faces before he had anytime to process bumping his head! Mommy tricks of the trade.

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