Sam and Nia Are Back and Surprises Viewers with NEW PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT!

Sam and Nia
Sam Radar prepping for his pregnancy reveal.

Christian Vloggers Sam and Nia Are Back and Surprises Viewers with Pregnancy Announcement

Sam and Nia Rader, the controversial YouTube Christian vloggers are back from a 3 month vlogging hiatus following a series of chaotic and personal events in August 2015. Sam and Nia’s vlogging break came after Nia’s miscarriage made national headlines and received backlash from a comment Sam made via twitter attributing their unborn child to their boost in subscribers.

“Our tiny baby brought 10m views to her video & 100k new people into our lives. She turned our life around & brought us closer together.”

Days later, Sam Rader was exposed in the Ashley Madison cheating scandal. The final blow for the couple was Sam being kicked out of Vlogger Fair 2015 due to aggressively confronting family vloggersCullen & Katie and TribeTyler.

The vlog entitled, “SON SHOCKS MOTHER WITH PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT!” was posted to Sam and Nia’s YouTube channel, October 23rd, 2015.

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