Sam and Nia Rader Admit To AGGRESSIVE CONFRONTATION At Vlogger Fair!

Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia Rader Kicked Out of Their First Vlogger Fair Conference!

Sam Rader was kicked out of Vlogger Fair for threatening violence against someone (Cullen of Cullen and Katie and allegedly, TribeTyler ) who liked or favorited a comment about Sam on twitter.

(Read Cullen and Katie’s Response)

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This incident occurred one day after Sam admitted to using a paid account on the cheating website, Ashley Madison. Immediately, the vlog had a weird vibe.  Sam appears to be in a combative and shifty kinda mood. Sam is visited by a professional hairstylist and gets the popular “slicked-back to the right” look or whatever. Sam goes on to pretty much insult the hairstylist’s husband by noting his “high pitched” voice. Nia brings out left over french toast, not knowing what to do with it…Sam takes it upon himself to toss it at the chicken’s, joking about feeding “the chicken’s their own eggs.” Gross and creepy.

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Sam and Nia make it to Vlogger Fair and prepare for a Q&A with Benji (Husband of itsJudysLife). Both appear to be desperate for acceptance and nervous considering the scandals that have plagued them in this last 30 days.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 6.42.00 PM

Benji tells Sam and Nia to smile and think of a “good memory”, lol. At this time, Sam seems to search deeeeep within his memory bank to block out everything currently going on. The awkwardness had to be incredibly real.

According to Austin Null (The Nive Nulls), Sam tried to fight with someone in his entourage-We know Austin hung out with TribeTyler and other popular vloggers during Vlogger Fair.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 7.50.30 PM

Sam is visibly stressed before going on stage, as he should be. Why did they even show up? Do they really think people are just as oblivious to their fawkery as they are to their own? Sam starts talking about how nervous he was when he married Nia…? What? Sam discusses how he had no peripheral vision and all tunnel vision and the “flood gates” opened when he saw Nia standing there in her white dress. Really? How can he say these things after admitting to signing up for a cheating website?! To be honest, I think the downfall has happened so fast and Sam is so programmed in spewing his “happy, loving Christian’ family propaganda that he has forgotten the reality he is in until he remembers his last vlog, FORGIVEN.

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@5:46 Sam spots Shay Carl of The Shaytards . Nia and Sam are GEEKED to meet Shay for the first time. Sam and Nia awkwardly make their way over (ignoring Logan McKay and Charles Trippy) only to see Shay abruptly begin jogging away from them. LOL. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.51.06 PM

No Leigh Stewy, it is NOT bad. Even Sam’s friend laughs and remarks: “You guys got RAN from.” Ha!

Sam and Nia meet with the few fans they have left then make their way to the lounge in which-Sam stops vlogging because they get kicked out.

@7:42 Sam and Nia walk the streets of Seattle after getting kicked out of Vlogger Fair, lol.

  • Nia seems pretty upset, walking behind Sam.
  • Sam says reveals when they posted a comment about their miscarriage, their unborn baby brought in 10 million views:

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.19.45 PM

  • This message got retweeted by a family vlogger and another family vlogger “liked” it.
  • Sam claims the vloggers were bullying his family!
  • Sam goes on to say he confronted the vlogger about HURTING his family and him liking/retweeting brought Nia to tears?….Okay wait,  as if signing up for wasn’t hurtful to his family?….Does he even listen to what comes out of his mouth?
  • Meanwhile, Nia is walking like 10ft behind Sam.
  • Sam says he tells the vlogger he :forgives” him.
  • Sam says another family vlogger was attacking Sam’s family in a “public forum” (by liking a post, lmao).
  • Sam goes on to admit to being even more confrontational by asking this fellow family vlogger “well, why did you like the post?” Ha!
  • Sam says it was a “verbal altercation” and “nothing got physical at all”.
  • Sam says he is an emotional wreck, hopes we can accept his apology and understand where he’s coming from.
  • Sam says today is one of the hardest days of him and Nia’s life (what about the miscarriage?)

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