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Sam and Nia Respond to Hate Comments Regarding Viral Miscarriage Vlogs!

Sam and Nia Fires Back at Hate Comments Regarding Viral Videos! The vlog begins with Nia sitting on the porch snuggling with Symphony and Logan...
sam and nia

Sam and Nia Meet The FunnyRats

Sam and Nia Rader Have a Vlogger Meetup with The FunnyRats! 11:07 In the middle of Sam and Nia's ABC DANCE BATTLE UPDATE vlog, they...
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Christian Vloggers Sam and Nia Rader Go VIRAL After Miscarriage Vlog!

Sam and Nia Going Viral After Miscarriage Vlog! Attempting to gain notoriety for several years (via youTube), Sam and Nia went viral for a second time in their...
sam and nia

Sam and Nia Rader Have An Interesting YouTube Playlist!

Sam and Nia: Needed Creative Ideas to Get Discovered on YouTube One of the most interesting thing found while researching Sam and Nia are the liked...
sam and nia

Sam and Nia: Christian Vlogger TELLS WIFE She is Pregnant!

Sam and Nia YouTube Channel Goes Viral When Sam Tells Nia SHE'S Pregnant! Sam and Nia Radar obtained 20.9 million views by lip synching "LOVE IS...
sam and nia

Sam and Nia Third Pregnancy Announcement

Sam and Nia Third Pregnancy Announcement Prior to Miscarriage Nia Radar is outside her house preparing to announce her 3rd pregnancy via social media. Nia is...
sam and nia

Sam and Nia Excited to Meet Daily Bumps Bryan and Missy Lanning!

Sam and Nia Rader are set to spend the day with Bryan and Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps. On the drive to Disneyland, Sam and Nia are...


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