Shay Carl Apologizes To Wife, Kids & Family After Cheating Scandal

shay carl cheating scandal

Shay Carl Butler of the Shaytards YouTube channel is back after adult webcam performer Aria Nina revealed that Shay Carl sent her racy text messages and video clips of himself masturbating.

Nine months have passed since Shay announced that he and his wife Colette were taking a break from YouTube. In the video below, Shay apologizes for letting his family and fans down and vowed to return to YouTube at an undisclosed date.

“I’m sorry… take full responsibility, and I love my family more than anything else. I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t have a big comeback plan, I don’t have a big idea or a web series, I don’t expect any of you to forgive me. I just want to start fresh and not feel like a scum.”

The YouTube video received over 1.3 million views upon being published. After the video, Colette posted a sit-down vlog on her channel, Katilette and discusses her plans moving forward.

“I love [my kids] and I love Shay… and we’re working through it. We’re doing the best we can, taking it one day at a time, and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

Prior to his return, Shay Carl revealed to his millions of followers on Twitter that his alcoholism had “manifested itself back into [his] life.” Shay Carl admitted that he had begun struggling with alcoholism for years and began drinking again a few months ago.

Shay said that he thought that he could escape addiction and it’s “associated demons” but failed himself and his family in the last several months. Fans and followers of the Shaytards were heartbroken after hearing the news.

Fans had mixed reactions to Shay’s apology. One YouTube commentator said Shay’s apology was disingenuous and their comment received 129 likes.

“I don’t know this guy, this was in my recommended, but this is probably the most contrived, disingenuous ‘apology’ ever 😂 he could’ve left the theatrics out, not one tear fell from his eye.”

“‘How to Emotionally Manipulate your YouTube Audience” in a nutshell.”
“listen imma be honest here…..this is what happened he was a god husband at first right….then they got famous and he got money….and with fame that becomes and addiction all of a sudden his morals and his sense of self and the love for his family didn’t matter why cause he had money now he could do what he wanted such as talk to these women who back in the day wouldn’t even give him the time of day……he got caught and he is sorry he got caught thats it. Btw when he cried i laughed its fake as hell he gonna cheat again watch.”

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