TODAY Health & Fitness Article On Shay Carl and Gavin Butler’s FITNESS JOURNEY!

shaytards Article Shay Carl and Gavin Butler Fitness Journey!

Shay Carl and Son, Gavin Butler of Shaytards YouTube channel had an article written about them by, Elisa Tang of,

YouTube star Shay Butler weighed almost 300 pounds when he realized it was time to change his life. It was 2009 and “The Shaytards,” the video diary Butler started with his wife, Colette, two years before, was already a viral sensation, earning them the nickname, YouTube’s First Family.

The Butlers are a video phenomenon. They’ve gone from relying on food stamps to earning millions of dollars by recording their daily life for more than four million subscribers. They’ve vlogged their happiest moments — including the birth of their 2-year old son, Daxton, which received more than 17 million views — and a “Let It Go” cover by their youngest daughter, Emmi, which received almost 12 million views.

But even as they laughed their way into America’s hearts, Butler, now 35, wanted a healthier lifestyle. That led to a spinoff fitness channel called “ShayLoss,” which Butler hoped would inspire others to get fit, too.

He had no idea his son, Gavin, now 12, would join him. Together, they embarked on a 30-day fitness kick they dubbed the “Fat Dad, Fat Kid Challenge.”