Shay & Colette Butler’s Daughter, Avia Wants Ears Pierced on Birthday–SHAY OFFERS $1,000 TO WAIT!


Happy Birthday, Avia! The oldest daughter of Shay and Colette Butler has grown up before our eyes and today, she turns 11! Avia Butler (formerly known as Princesstard) can be considered a YouTube veteran in her own right, as she’s been filming vlogs with her family since she was 5-6 years old! Avia and her dad, Shay Carl—share many similarities in their personality in regards to having a love for entertainment.

Shay and Colette wake Avia up in her room and do their usual, hilarious and loving recollection of the day Avia was born. The couple go to feed their cows some carrots—then, Colette goes birthday cake shopping with second youngest son, Brock aka Rocktard. Avia wanted a limo for her 11th birthday, so—that’s what the Princess gets! Also, for the first time, Avia goes to Claire’s with mom, Colette to get here ears pierced!

Hanging with my lil girl! #notsolittleanymore???

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Shay offers Avia $300 dollars to wait to get her ears pierced, she doesn’t look like she’s going for it—so Shay ups the ante to $500! Avia, sitting in the chair and super excited to get her ears pierced shakes her head—“No”. Shay then offers her $700 dollars…Avia takes a moment to think about it—and, nope. Avia reconsiders for a second and ups it to $1,000..then withdrawals—Not today, Princesstard wants real earrings!

Unfortunately, Avia needed her immunization records to get her ears pierced at the mall! Whaaaaat? Ok…As Shay says,

“That’s why you shouldn’t [inoculate] your kids so they can’t get their ears pierced…Yes!”

Ear piercings for girls in America usually occurs a couple weeks after BIRTH. It’s an American tradition for others to identify a newborns gender. The entire family takes a limo ride, Avia isn’t too upset about getting her ears pierced because in her words,

“I’m 11, I can do it anytime”.

Again, Avia makes it clear that she’s not too disappointed, but still wants get her ears pierced at age 11!


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