SHAYTARDS: ShayCarl And Son Gavin Butler In New York City To Appear On Dr. Oz Show!

Gavin and ShayCarl Butler with Dr. Oz in NYC!

Shaytards In New York City To Appear On Dr. Oz Show!

Shaytards: Shay Carl and Gavin Butler (Sontard) on their way to NYC! [Image via Shaytards/YouTube]
It’s 5:00am-ish in the morning and ShayCarl (Shaytards YouTube channel) and Gavin are on their way to the airport to fly to New York City, NY for a short 72 hours to promote their upcoming book, Fat Fit Dad, Fat Fit Kid which will be hit bookshelves everywhere out on December 29th, 2015 (pre-orders are available now)!

ShayCarl and Colette Butler are feeling sentimental as Gavin will spend his 12th birthday in NYC with his dad, Shay. Shay says Gavin will come back from New York City as a 12-year old, who has appeared on the Dr. Oz show.

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“My boy is leaving as an 11-year old boy and he’ll be returning as a young man.”

Colette stays at home with the kids and discusses what the kids want for Christmas. Brock wants a “treasure truck” and Avia (Princesstard) wants a phone-Colette isn’t so sure about that. ShayCarl and Gavin are in the airport vlogging and see Dr. Oz on the cover of a magazine. Back at home, Colette and Avia are in the bathroom while Colette does Avia’s hair. Colette and Avia will go to Burger King because Avia got a certificate from school for a free ice cream! It’s pretty incredible how ShayCarl and Colette have managed to raise their children in a way that they appreciate and value the “little things” in life.

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Shaytards: Ava Butler (Princesstard) and Colette (Mommytard)! [Image via Shaytards/YouTube]
Avia is a great vlogger and at such a young age (she’s learned from the best!) and vlogs while her mom does her hair!

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Shaytards: Brock (Rocktard) and Daxton (Brotard)! [Image via Shaytards/YouTube]
Daxton and Brock hang out in Shay’s and Colette’s room watching Power Rangers. Colette rounds up the kids to run errands, first stop? To the post office to mail letters to Santa! Earlier, Colette told Brock to place his letter to Santa in an envelope so they can mail it-and they literally go to the post office to mail the letter, which is awesome! Colette takes the girls to dance and cheer and goes out to eat dinner.

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Shaytards: Brock (Rocktard) delivering message to Santa! [Image via Shaytards/YouTube]
Shay and Gavin make it into NYC safely and are greeted by a limousine service-a man holding “BUTLER” sign! Shay and Gavin finally arrive at the “W” hotel in Times Square. Gavin and Shay order room service and discuss going to the Dr. Oz show early the next morning. The entire Shaytard family gathers around to sing and wish big Gavin a happy birthday and good luck on the Dr. Oz show the next morning!

Shaytards: Emmi (Babytard), Ava (Princesstard), Brock (Rocktard), Daxton (Brotard) and Colette (Mommytard). [Image via Shaytards/YouTube]
Telling the story of Gavin’s birth, Colette can’t help but to get a little teary-eyed. Colette says Gavin is such a good boy and turning into a wonderful young man.

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