Shaytards YouTube Channel Vlogging History and Detailed Family Background!


Shaytards YouTube Channel Vlogging History and Background

Shaytards family vlog YouTube channel began in 2009. Shay Carl Butler, the original creator of this family vlog was born March 5th, 1980 in Logan, Utah. Shay’s father-Carl graduated from electrical engineering school. Once carl graduated from school, the family moved to Pocatello, Idaho.

Shay and Collete Butler, 2010.

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Shay graduated from high school then served a full-time, two year mission in Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Shay attended Idaho State University for a brief period before working on his own.

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Shaytards Creator Once Granite Business Owner and DJ Host

Shaytards creator, Shay Carl Butler  was 27 and married with 3 children.  Shay owned a granite business in which he worked 60 hours a week, 12-16 hours a day. Unhappy with his job and wanting “more than a life of manual labor”, Shay quit and became a radio DJ for Z103 and started YouTube at the same time.

Shay Carl as Z103 DJ.

Shay Carl moved to Los Angeles, California from Idaho with his family Colette Butler (Mommytard), Gavin Butler (Brotard), Avia Butler (Princesstard), Emmi Butler (Babytard) and Brock Butler (Rocktard) (Daxton butler (Brotard) was born 2014).

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The Shaytards, YouTube and Maker Studios

In 2009 while in Los Angeles, Shay Carl filmed various web series and parody videos for The Station. Shay Carl became one of the founders of Maker Studios which was bought by Disney. Maker Studios is now the biggest content network on YouTube. Personally, Shay Carl currently has five YouTube channels and over three million subscribers. Shay Carl raised $200,000 and collaborated with Corey Vidal (director of Super Size Me), to developed Vlogumentary which will be viewable on YouTube. This was made possible with the support of viewers via a crowd funding by Indiegogo.

Shaytards Open TRIXIN Clothing Store in Logan, Utah Mall

As of October 2015-Shay Carl announced the grand opening of flagship TRIXIN clothing store in Utah Mall.

Shay Carl 2015 TRIXIN Clothing store grand opening.

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