TRIXIN Family Going to PLAYLIST LIVE & Prepare for VLOGUMENTARY World Premiere!


It’s been a whirlwind of a year for the TRIXIN crew. Daehan Jang is packing up, deciding which Nike’s to bring to Playlist Live and the “Vlogumentary” premiere at Tribeca Film Festival. Logan McKay is mountain hiking, getting some vlogging footage.

logan mckay

TribeTyler then appears on camera to thank everyone for the great response to the TRIXIN vlogs and to discusses Playlist Live. Tyler is super excited about his mother and sister attending. Tyler congratulates Shay and Colette Butler for their hard work in creating the TRIXIN brand and making the film, Vlogumentary a reality with ‘Super Size Me’ director, Morgan Spurlock.


Tyler says he feels very lucky to work with everyone and can honestly call them his second family.

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