Shaytards Call It Quits After 8-Years Of Vlogging? Shay Carl & Colette Butler Take One Year Off! [VIDEO]

shaytards quit youtube

Shay Carl and wife, Colette Butler, a couple who for over eight years have consistently uploaded videos onto their eight YouTube channels, announced that they will not upload videos onto their Shaytards channel for an entire year. The one year break will begin on Shay’s 37th birthday, March 5th, 2017. Hailed by Google as ‘Googles First Family,’ Shay and Colette Butler delivered the huge blow to their 4.7 million subscribers on Friday, September 30th, 2016.

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Shay and Colette sat in their van and begin to recall the number of video’s they have produced on their YouTube channels. Shay shows viewers stats he received from Vidstatx website.

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shaytards quit youtube

“This video, ladies and gentleman will be our 4,447th video. This is crazy, that’s a lot of internet videos.”

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Shay Carl deciding what to do for the next five months. [Photo via ShayCarl/Twitter]

Shay estimated that if viewers were to watch one video a day, it would take 12-years to finish them all. After talking to one another, laughing and trying to figure out the message to convey to viewers, Shay and Colette tells 4.7 million loyal subscribers,

“Okay listen, here’s what we wanna do. October 2nd, is coming up in a few days and you guys, I wanna take a year off the internet. I need to take a year off they internet. And I’ll explain why-but, this is the announcement. Starting October 2nd, coming in like 4 or 5 days, we’re gonna start daily vlogging until  and this is why this is so raw,—were gonna compete with the likes of them, Roman Atwood, Casey Neistat-We coming at ya boys, the Vlogfather is back!”

Shay says they’re gonna up their vlogging game, mentioning top vloggers like Casey Neistat and Roman Atwood and how they took vlogging to another level. Jamming to the song on the car radio, Shay says the song, “Roses” by Watsky explains how he feels about the internet.

Shay also explains their children want their own YouTube channels but they’re not at an age to make the decision to become a YouTuber. Shay says,

“I want to take a year off, I want to be a normal family that doesn’t have this world wide youtube audience—and I’m not complaining you guys… We’re not done—we’re gonna kill it in the next 5-months. I wanna know what it’s like to not to be a YouTuber. I wanna know what it’s like to not do these videos every day. It’s a weird thing.The thing that we do of making a video and be open with so many people is not ordinary. It takes it’s toll. There’s blessings to it but there’s a bunch of down sides and scary things to it.”

Shay had the realization when the children asked for their own YouTube channels. Not to mention, their eldest son Gavin is a few months away from being 13-years-old—which is old enough to have his own YouTube channel according to YouTube’s Terms of Service guidelines.

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“I’m like whoa, do they wanna be YouTubers? Are they wise enough to make this life decision? Have I thrust them too much into the spotlight? And so I just say, I need to take a year off the internet.”

Shay tells viewers it scares him to be off the internet for a year because Colette gets paid for putting videos online. Shay says he and Colette have been worried about managing YouTube videos and the work it takes to run all of their businesses. Shay says they have almost 20 people that depend on them as business partners, investment partners, and those on their payroll.

Colette says it’s difficult because “[you] gain a lot of your self-worth and identity” through social media.

Shaytards Daily Vlogs For Next Five Months

Shay says their main focus is to consistently upload quality, 20-minute vlogs every day for the next five months. There is a chance viewers may see Shay in the background of other vlogs including TRIXIN vlogs—but Shay will not be uploading.

“I’m gonna see it as we have 160 more days, 160 more movies to make, 160 more opportunities to speak to the world. Then I want to take a year off and decide what the next step is, then after that year I’ll say ‘Okay kids, we’ve been a regular family without all this youtube craziness, what do you wanna do? Do you wanna make a channel?”

Shay and Colette have taken the TRIXIN brand to new levels. Viewers watched the clothing line evolve from hats and shirts to a popular store in the mall located in Logan, Utah. The Logan, Utah mall is the same store where Shay Carl’s grandfather’s store—The Union resided.

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Though they will not be uploading to the Shaytards channel, Colette says she will still upload video’s to her channel, “The Mom’s View.”

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The popular YouTube couple then did a live show on their “When The Kids Go To Sleep (WTKGTS)” YouTube channel, going more into depth about their decision to take one year off.

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