The Shaytards Return To YouTube After A Year Hiatus

Shaytards return to YouTube after cheating scandal

Shay Carl and his wife Colette Butler, a couple who for over eight years — has consistently uploaded videos of their daily life onto their YouTube channel, The Shaytards, have announced that they were back after taking a yearlong break from daily vlogging. Shay and Colette delivered the news of their hiatus to their 4.7 million subscribers on Friday, September 30th, 2016.

Shay and Colette uploaded a video that was simply titled, “we’re back?” to inform their nearly 5 million subscribers that they were not giving up on their marriage or their family and that they were back to vlogging.

The Shaytards began their one year break on Shay’s 37th birthday on March 5th, 2017. The Shaytards were hailed as “Googles First Family.”

Gone fishin!

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Shay and Colette warm up in front of the camera and Colette says,

“Hi… and welcome to the Shaytards’ channel. We’ve been on a hiatus… and, we’re back.”

Colette starts giggling and said that there really is no way to announce their comeback.

Colette said that she and Shay were very nervous to get back into vlogging because things were different before and will different ongoing. The popular YouTube couple said that they are not making or committing to a vlogging schedule.

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Shay continues to say that they are not giving up on their marriage, their relationship, or their family. Shay said that things are hard and sometimes they fail and have really bad days.

Shay said that he and Colette are vlogging now because Shay, his oldest son, Gavin, and Shay’s dad will be taking a road trip to the East coast for the American Heritage tour.

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