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ShayCarl and The Shaytards YouTube Intro with Lyrics!

As a tribute to ShayCarl and the Shaytards, this YouTube music intro was created by Shaytards fan, vlogger and musician, Nice Peter. This song is...
mexican shaytards

THAT REYES FAMILY Attend VloggerFair 2014, Meets Shaytards!

That Reyes Family went to Vlogger Fair 2014. Alejandro is proud to present his family as the #MexicanShaytards and the First Mexican Family Vloggers on YouTube. Alejandro...

The Shaytards: ShayCarl Gets Tweet From Paul Jr.

It's raspberry pickin' time with The Shaytards! Brock (Rocktard) and Daxton (Brotard) go to a raspberry patch with Colette (Mommytard) is excited to pick raspberries and start growing...

TRIXIN Clothing Booth Is Huge Hit At VloggerFair!

Shay Carl's TRIXIN clothing line is totally taking off. Hundreds of adoring fans lined up to buy TRIXIN merchandise and meet the Shaytard family.   Other...

Shaytards Tweet from OG Shaytards Fan!

A throwback tweet from an OG Shaytards fan circa 2007. Want News and Updates on YouTubers and Vloggers? Want to comment? Follow @FamilyVlogNews on Twitter, on Facebook or...

ShayCarl of the Shaytards Makes Cameo Appearance in MTV Cribs Parody!

ShayCarl of the Shaytards Cameo in MTV Teen Cribs Parody In this hilarious video, Shay Carl makes a cameo in this MTV Cribs parody entitled:...
Shane Dawson first streamys

ShayCarl And Colette Butler Of The Shaytards Vlog FIRST Streamy Awards!

The Shaytards Attend First Streamy Awards YouTube vlogger Shay Carl discusses the Streamy Awards and reasons he moved his family to L.A. Shay gets a haircut...

Shaytards Youngest Daughter, Babytard Sings!

Babytard Covers "Let It Go" The Shaytards youngest girl, Emmi Butler (aka Babytard) sings the most endearing cover of Disney's-Frozen "Let It Go" garnering over 11,000,000 views and counting. The...

Vlogumentary Update from ShayCarl!

Vlogumentary Update: ShayCarl Announces Vlogumentary Director! ShayCarl of the Shaytards announced the new director of Vlogumentary at VidCon 2015. Morgan Spurlock who is best known for Supersize Me and...

How Shay Carl Of The ‘Shaytards’ Became A YouTube Vlogger

How Shay Carl of The Shaytards Became a Family Vlogger Shay hated the fact his time to spend with wife and children was dictated by someone...


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