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SHAYTARDS–YouTube Vloggers Invited To WHITE HOUSE For MICHELLE OBAMA Initiative!

Shay and Colette Meet Fellow Vloggers At The White House! Shay Carl and his wife Colette Butler, creators of Shaytards YouTube channel was invited to...

SHAYTARDS Draw A Crowd Of HUNDREDS For Barnes & Noble Book Signing Event!

Shaytard Fans Line Up To Meet Shay Carl, Colette & Gavin Butler! Major things are happening for the Shaytards this year, the TRXIN store had a...

Shaytards Celebrate TWO YEARS of Vlogging! [VIDEO]

Viewers pay tribute to Shay Carl and The Shaytards in their 2nd year of vlogging on YouTube! This vlog was uploaded on Mar 6th, 2011 and...

ShayCarl Promotes VH1 Streamy Awards at VidCon 2015!

ShayCarl Happily Promotes VH1 Streamy Awards at VidCon 2015! Shay Carl of the Shaytards is eager and focused, wanting to begin promoting the Streamy Awards hosted on Vh1! The interviewer...

SHAYTARDS: Are TRIXIN Store Employees Slacking?

Are Utah TRIXIN Store Employees Slacking? TribeTyler vlogs his shift at the Shaytards' TRIXIN store. Tyler says his vlogs are now a "behind the scenes" of...

Shaytards Tweet from OG Shaytards Fan!

A throwback tweet from an OG Shaytards fan circa 2007. Want News and Updates on YouTubers and Vloggers? Want to comment? Follow @FamilyVlogNews on Twitter, on Facebook or...

The Shaytards: ShayCarl Gets Tweet From Paul Jr.

It's raspberry pickin' time with The Shaytards! Brock (Rocktard) and Daxton (Brotard) go to a raspberry patch with Colette (Mommytard) is excited to pick raspberries and start growing...
katilette butlervideo

SHAYTARDS Announce Pregnancy of Brotard!

Shay Carl and Colette Butler Gather Children to Announce 5th Pregnancy Brotard is on his way! In this 2013 vlog throwback, the Shaytards display a cute...

SHAYTARDS Vlog Captures Family’s VidCon Experience Dating Back Seven Years!

The Shaytards uploaded an awesome ’Shaytards Rewind’ vlog that captures the family’s experience at Vidcon dating back seven years! IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: RELATED: Beautiful Video of...

Vlogumentary Update from ShayCarl!

Vlogumentary Update: ShayCarl Announces Vlogumentary Director! ShayCarl of the Shaytards announced the new director of Vlogumentary at VidCon 2015. Morgan Spurlock who is best known for Supersize Me and...


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