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Shaytards Wisdom: Shay Carl, ‘Own Your Insecurities So No One Else Can!’

Shaytards Wisdom: Owning Your Insecurities Shaytards uploaded this video April 9th, 2009 by Shay Carl. This vlog reveals an insecurity Shay has regarding his weight. At...

SHAYTARDS: ShayCarl And Colette Butler Receive Major VLOGUMENTARY NEWS!

After many years of secrecy around Vlogumentary, Shay and Colette finally get the news of official release date. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: RELATED: Shaytards Call...

ShayCarl of the Shaytards Makes Cameo Appearance in MTV Cribs Parody!

ShayCarl of the Shaytards Cameo in MTV Teen Cribs Parody In this hilarious video, Shay Carl makes a cameo in this MTV Cribs parody entitled:...

World Premiere of VLOGUMENTARY At 2016 Tribeca Film Festival!

World Premiere of Vlogumentary at 2016 Tribeca Film Festival! A special screening for the highly awaited film, Vlogumentary aired at the Tribeca Film Festival. Vlogumentary is a documentary...
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Shaytards TRIXIN Floral Hats Are Back!

YouTube Vloggers the Shaytards Busy Morning! It’s Waffle-30 in the Shaytard household! Shay Carl films Colette making waffles in which she says: “I suck at...
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ShayCarl And Colette Butler Of The Shaytards Vlog FIRST Streamy Awards!

The Shaytards Attend First Streamy Awards YouTube vlogger Shay Carl discusses the Streamy Awards and reasons he moved his family to L.A. Shay gets a haircut...

SHAYTARDS: Are TRIXIN Store Employees Slacking?

Are Utah TRIXIN Store Employees Slacking? TribeTyler vlogs his shift at the Shaytards' TRIXIN store. Tyler says his vlogs are now a "behind the scenes" of...

ShayCarl of The Shaytards Includes ENTIRE FAMILY In Saturday WORKOUT!

ShayCarl of the Shaytards YouTube Channel Includes Entire Family in Weekend Workout! Health and fitness is important to the Shaytards. In todays vlog, it is Saturday...
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THAT REYES FAMILY Attend VloggerFair 2014, Meets Shaytards!

That Reyes Family went to Vlogger Fair 2014. Alejandro is proud to present his family as the #MexicanShaytards and the First Mexican Family Vloggers on YouTube. Alejandro...

Shaytards 2009: YouTuber Babysits Shaytard Kids While Shay & Colette Have Birthday Dinner!

Fellow YouTuber Babysits Shay and Colette's Kids During Birthday Dinner! In a vlog uploaded June 2009, Shay Carl and Colette Butler, creators of Shaytards YouTube...


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