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the defranco fam

Shaytards Run into DeFranco Fam at VidCon 2015!

Shay Carl is headed to VloggerFair 2015 with his family and runs into the Phil DeFranco and his wife (DeFranco Fam). Want News and Updates on...

Shaytards 2009 Flashback of Shay and Colette Butler!

Shay and Colette Butler, 2009. Want updates? Want to comment? Follow @FamilyVlogNews on Twitter, onFacebook orTumblr.

Self Proclaimed ‘MEXICAN SHAYTARDS’ Interviews Top Family Vloggers!

Family Vloggers on the Rise: That Reyes Family At Vlogger Fair 2014, Alejandro Reyes of That Reyes Family gets noticed by well known family vloggers by discovering...
mexican shaytards

THAT REYES FAMILY Attend VloggerFair 2014, Meets Shaytards!

That Reyes Family went to Vlogger Fair 2014. Alejandro is proud to present his family as the #MexicanShaytards and the First Mexican Family Vloggers on YouTube. Alejandro...

SHAYTARDS Real Names Revealed And More!

Shaytards Real Names and Birthdates! With the thousands of Shaytards family vlogs online, it can get a little confusing if your just starting to tune in. Here...

How Shay Carl Of The ‘Shaytards’ Became A YouTube Vlogger

How Shay Carl of The Shaytards Became a Family Vlogger Shay hated the fact his time to spend with wife and children was dictated by someone...

Shaytards Wisdom: Shay Carl, ‘Own Your Insecurities So No One Else Can!’

Shaytards Wisdom: Owning Your Insecurities Shaytards uploaded this video April 9th, 2009 by Shay Carl. This vlog reveals an insecurity Shay has regarding his weight. At...
The Nive Nulls

CarlieStylez Interviews The Nive Nulls Interviewed On “The Love Nest”!

Austin and Britt Null of The Nive Nulls interviewed by CarlieStylez! Austin and Britt are currently living in Los Angeles, California and go to Maker Studios to be...

Shaytards YouTube Channel Vlogging History and Detailed Family Background!

Shaytards YouTube Channel Vlogging History and Background Shaytards family vlog YouTube channel began in 2009. Shay Carl Butler, the original creator of this family vlog was born March...
colette buter

SHAYTARDS: Colette Butler Sings Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”!

Colette Butler Sings Set Fire to The Rain by Adele! Colette Butler of the Shaytards YouTube channel has always had a beautiful and crisp singing...


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