Sierra Watts: ‘I Am Bisexual And I Have Been My Whole Life,’ Watts Opens Up About Her Sexuality

sierra watts

Sierra Watts uploaded a candid vlog onto her YouTube channel entitled, “I’m Bisexual,” expressing her interest in both women and men. Watts has decided to be candid with viewers about her interest in women because is tired of hiding this aspect of her life. Sierra explains she’s been in denial about this for her entire life and says never told anyone because she’s always been embarrassed for liking women. Sierra is currently in a relationship with a man, a man who she doesn’t plan on breaking up with for a woman.

“I just wanna say that I am bisexual and that I have been my whole life.”

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Sierra says this was not an easy video to make because she grew up in Missouri, which is considered the ‘Bible Belt’ of America—a town that still hails the confederate flag.

“I’ve always liked girls and guys and if Jake and I were to break up, I would probably date a girl. I don’t think this is gonna happen obviously, I’m just putting the scenario out there.”

Sierra is worried her family will text her and says he will ‘go to hell’ for her sex preference. Watts explains she doesn’t know what the future holds in terms of dating a girl, she just knows she’s been in denial her whole life but maintains she really likes both genders. Sierra says her conscience tells her it’s okay to love who you wish to love, explaining it’s not about being the ‘right’ gender, it’s about love.

“I don’t know how my relationship with my family will be after this, I’m really nervous and I’m really scared.”

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