That Reyes Family YouTube Channel Vlogging History!

That Reyes Family

That Reyes Family Vlog History

  • Alejandro and Sarah Reyes lived in Seattle (1 year), born and raised in Sacramento, California.
  • Alejandro sold his business and became an “online marketing guy” at local University.
  • Alejandro  was inspired by Shay Carl of the Shaytards YouTube channel–to do daily family vlogs.
  • New Years Eve-Dec. 13th, 2014 announced the launched daily vlogs in 2014.
  • Alejandro  was always immersed in technology.
  • Want to do vlogs on a daily basis to look at family grow and entertain people.
  • Daughters: Sadie (oldest) and Bella. In May 2013, Sadie had eye surgery for strength in her eyes.
  • News Years Resolution: The Reyes family will accomplish them incorporating these three words.

Alejandro asks viewers to use hashtags for 3 words used to help accomplish 2014 New Year resolutions:

  • #Family: Be more intentional and think more about family. Reyes wants to immerse himself in family to be a better dad, husband and friend to those closest to him
  • #Swagger: Losing weight-This has to do with health, feeling confident.
  • #Consistency: Says he is a great starter, but does not finish. He will do less things and makes sure he is consistent with them. He wants to be consistent with family, health and to be consistent in all

Sarah’s 3 Words:

  • #Run: She used to run and she misses it.
  • #Focus: The mother is in her college career for nursing school. She will have difficult classes, take a big nursing test and be more focused with her time, energy and studies.
  • #Open: It took 3 years for her to agree with daily family vlogging. She admits she weighs more in real life than Instagram selfies. They want to show real, everyday life.

[Images via That Reyes Family/Youtube]

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