ALEJANDRO REYES Interviews ShayCarl & Austin Null at VloggerFair 2015!

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At VloggerFair 2014, Alejandro Reyes of That Reyes Family (#MexicanShaytards) asked popular vloggers, “What’s Your Favorite Mexican Dish”, at Vlogger Fair 2015, Alejandro asks:

“How important is the Word “Passion” in Life?”

mexican shaytardsShay Carl (The Shaytards)

“…Very important. You have to love what you do-Or else here’s the simple fact: You won’t love what you do. Which sucks-to not like your life in general and your existence. So find things you love to do-even if they seem hard-even if it seems like: “That’s not reasonable”, you still have to go after your dreams and have that hope at least, that you can achieve that-and you will, one day.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 1.17.18 PMAustin Null (The Nive Nulls)

In life? It’s everything. Passion in life for you family, friends, loved ones. Your job and your hobbies…However big or small your passion is, will determine how successful you are in each of those areas of your life, in my personal opinion. I also think, when you meet people and you think-“man there’s something about this person-it’s probably their passion…their passion for life in general-and that’s what draws you to them. Passion is huge…it’s also a fruit! So you can eat it.”

[Images via That Reyes Family/YouTube.]

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