Alejandro Reyes and Benji Travis Meet to find Best Sacramento Restaurants

that reyes family

Benji Travis of BenjiManTV and ItsJudysLife goes on a restaurant tour with Alejandro Reyes in his hometown Sacramento, California.

First Stop–Zocalo!

that reyes family
that reyes family food tour

Benji gives the the food at Zocalo a rating of 10 out of 10.

that reyes family benjimantv
that reyes family benji travis food tour of sacramento, california.

Sarah Reyes is at home with the children was unable to vlog until 8:00pm due to losing the camera. Cut to Alejandro who is meeting Benji for sushi.

At the hotel in Sacramento, Alejandro is tired but manages to express how much he misses his wife, Sarah and are proud of her accomplishments in going back to school for Nursing.

[Source via That Reyes Family /YouTube.]

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