Self Proclaimed ‘MEXICAN SHAYTARDS’ Interviews Top Family Vloggers!


Family Vloggers on the Rise:
That Reyes Family

At Vlogger Fair 2014, Alejandro Reyes of That Reyes Family gets noticed by well known family vloggers by discovering their favorite “Mexican Dish”!

Shay Carl the Shaytards

Shay Carl (The Shaytards): Beef Fajita’s

That Reyes Family itsJudysLife

Judy Travis (itsJudysLife): Tamales

That Reyes Family The Nive Nulls

Austin Null (The Nive Nulls): Quesadilla’s, Fajita’s & Street Taco’s

Cullen and Katie That Reyes Family

Cullen (Cullen and Katie): Fajita’s (steak/ shrimp), flour tortilla’s. Katie: Chimichanga’s

That Reyes Family

Josh Dyches (Josh Dyches Dynasty): Beef Tamales

[Images via That Reyes Family/Youtube]

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