The Bennetts—-Chris, KC and Bohdi ARE BACK!

20 pound baby

After a 2015 Vlogging Break, The Bennets Are Back with Son, Bohdi Are Back!

Chris and his wife KC are back with their son, Bohdi Bear Bennett (born October 2015)! KC was in labor for over 36 hours after carrying Bohdi for 41 weeks!

the bennetts

Bohdi was born at 9.9lbs! After the birth of their adorable son Bohdi, the YouTube vloggers to a break over the holidays and went to Disneyland.

9 pound baby
The adorable Bond Bear Bennett weighing in at 9.9 pounds at birth! [The Bennetts YouTube]
Chris goes off to work while KC hangs out with Bohdi, giving viewers an update. Bond will be going to the doctor soon for a check up and weigh in—KC says he weighs over 20lbs!

20 pound baby

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