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Are More Kids in Their Future?

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Britt says Kailand (Kai) will be nice to the baby at first and may get a little jealous later on just as Audri did with Kai. Austin and Britt may have to watch Kai because he can get “rough”.

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Britt’s response? “ASK AUSTIN” because having more kids is an ongoing debate. A debate requires opposition in opinion-which one is “for” having more kids and which one is “against” having more kids? What do you think?

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Britt says it goes in spurts-there are months where no one recognizes them, then there are months in which people say “I watch your videos!”. Recognition happens 1-2times a month.

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Audri: Encouraging and adventurous. She will try anything. If you’re having a hard time, Audri will sweetly rub your arm and help out anyway she can (awww).

Kai: Brittany says she loves Kai’s “inner snuggly-ness.” She loves how much he loves to eat, gives kisses and hugs.

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Brittany is looking forward to how the 3 children will interact with one another! Britt thinks it’s interesting to see how Kai and Audri interact and to add another child will be so cute. #Agreed. I totally think baby #3 will be more like Audri (and Austin)! Kai will be the quiet, observant child! The dynamic will definitely be interesting to watch. The thing Britt is least looking forward to is the adjustment period because everyone has to adjust to a new baby. The kids will have to adjust to a new baby around and Britt and Austin will have to adjust to having a new baby again.

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Britt would change the “nasty snort thing he does”. “He does a snort-spit thing to get the gunk out.”

Britt end’s the video revealing her firework phobia and adds a PSA announcement about the hazards of fireworks. “Don’t blow yourself up, ok?…actually, don’t get fireworks, that solves the problem, right there.”

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