THE NIVE NULLS: Vlogging Three Days A Week, ‘It’s Best For Our Family’

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Austin and Brittany Null of The Nive Nulls uploaded a vlog titled, “A New Direction.” After several years of daily vlogging (uploading videos every single day onto their YouTube channels)—The Nive Nulls have decided to cut back on the number of their vlogs. Austin and Britt inform viewers they will limit uploading vlogs onto their YouTube channel from daily to three days a week. They will now upload on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

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We out here! #DateNight #WhyIsSheSoPerfect 😂😍🙌🏻

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“I’ve always been obsessed with YouTube, it’s been my thing. It’s kinda been a time where I realize…YouTube is awesome…it’s been a blessing. We do enjoy doing it. I enjoy the creative outlet–and I’m looking forward to the three day a week thing just to have more space to hopefully be more creative.”

Britt then says she feels if they have more space in between, they can deliver higher quality videos. Austin and Britt also feel this is a good choice for the family as a whole.

They make me so happy. And Maddox too but he's asleep. 😂😍 #Family

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“That’s what’s going on, we feel like it’s best for our family.”

This comes months after The Nive Nulls cheating scandal in which Austin Null announced to viewers he cheated on his very pregnant wife, Brittany Null. In 2015, Austin and Brittany uploaded a vlog entitled, “We Need To Talk” after several nude videos and images of Austin Null surfaced on the internet. In the video, Austin explains he had an “online affair” which continued five months into Brittany’s pregnancy. During this time, Britt Null was pregnant with son, Maddox Alexander Null.

Fresh haircut and baby snuggles. Happy Monday! 😜👌🏻

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Several months prior, Austin Null slammed fellow family vlogger Sam Rader of Sam and Nia for having an attempted online affair when news hit of Sam Rader signing up for the website, Ashley Madison. Family Vlogs captured Austin advising Sam Rader to take a hiatus from vlogging to be with his family. Austin Null followed this advice as well. Austin and Britt took about a month off from uploading vlogs onto their YouTube channel.

The Kansas City vloggers Austin and Brittany share three children together; Audri, Kailand,and Maddox.

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