the nive nulls cheating

In the vlog entitled “CRAZY FAMILY FIGHTS”, uploaded onto The Nive Nulls YouTube channel on September 3rd, 2015—Austin begins the vlog telling viewers him and Brittany have been going to counseling. In this vlog, Britt is about 8 months pregnant with 3rd child, Maddox Null. The Nive Nulls cheating scandal hit the YouTube community Christmas 2015. Austin told viewers in a vlog entitled, “WE NEED TO TALK” about his online cheating which lasted 5 months. Austin and Britt says the online affair began around the time Britt was pregnant with Maddox Alexander Null (February 2015) and lasted for 5 months.

the nive nulls cheating
Britt and Austin Null announcing pregnancy during the time Austin Null had online affair.

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“I’m trying to work on my life—Brittany and I have actually been going to counseling for a while…and it’s been amazing!”

Austin then checks to see if Britt is around while he is talking about counseling—she is not, so he continues.

“Going to counseling—just talking to someone and being able to have an extra perspective outside of your life of someone who doesn’t know you—but their just hearing the facts for what they are—it’s really eye opening and it’s really good. Britt and I have been going just for our marriage in general—just get better at being married. Being married is hard and we’re not perfect by any means.”

austin null cheatingAustin says he took twitter off his phone—saying he would always be on twitter reading things and talking to viewers. Austin says he may have an addiction to social media. Austin says he prides himself in responding fast and will have to slow down his tweeting. Austin says he’s not sure if he should leave any of this in—if Britt says he should not talk about this—then he will edit this part out of the vlog.

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