Britt Null Gets Candid And Shares Her Thoughts On Her Ex-Husband Moving To LA!

The Nive Nulls divorce

Brittny Null of Britt’s Space (former YouTube channel The Nive Nulls) opened up to viewers on how she’s healing from her divorce and revealed her thoughts on ex-husband, Austin Null, moving to California.

The mom-of-three said that she wanted to make a video when she was ready to share everything and speaking about things when she feels comfortable.

Britt said that she doesn’t go online and make videos bashing Austin because she doesn’t feel it would serve a purpose and because it takes away from her personal journey.

Britt also added that during the times she does vent about Austin to her friends and family, she doesn’t necessarily feel better after her rants. Null said that there’s a difference between complaining and working through pain to get to a better place.

Britt is still processing the fact that her marriage ended a year ago. Back in December of 2015, Britt Null and her husband of eight years uploaded an impromptu vlog entitled, “WE NEED TO TALK,” on their YouTube channel–The Nive Nulls. This was the first time that Britt’s ex had announced that he had an affair. Then in July of 2017, Austin Null announced that he and Britt were separated and will get a divorce at his request.

Britt encourages her viewers to know that life isn’t as “perfect and awesome” as it appears on Instagram so she hopes viewers don’t take away that everything is perfect, from her videos.

“It’s crazy to think it’s been almost a year since my marriage ended.”

Britt has undergone an emotional (and physical) transformation since her divorce from Austin and said that she feels like a new version of herself.

Britt has also received support from the YouTube community and people like makeup guru and single mom, Kandee Johnson.

Britt continues to work on her YouTube channel by posting family vlogs, interviewing inspirational entrepreneurs, and even collaborated with Ayesha Curry‘s lifestyle brand, GoinSpo.

Britt shared her true feelings about her ex-husband’s decision to file for divorce and move to a different state.

“I’m not necessarily in agreement of the fact that he’s walked out of our marriage after eight years and the fact that he’s decided to move miles away to leave me to raise three kids on my own.”

Britt told viewers that she feels that she was with a person for a very long time and didn’t know who they were. The vlogging mom said that it’s okay to evolve and change but it’s difficult to deal with when you’ve been with someone for eight years and the shift into someone that you do not know.

Britt said that she processes her emotions with close friends and group therapy. Null said that her feelings about her ex is that she doesn’t agree with his life choices but he’s an adult and that she respects him as the father of her kids.

Britt said that she’s not 100% comfortable putting all the details of her life on YouTube.

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Britt also said that the way she and her ex-husband approach parenting are very different as well. She said that she tries her hardest not to bash Austin, but she doesn’t agree with his decision to parent (or lack thereof).

“Then again, that’s his choice and he’s doing what he feels is best and I’m doing what I feel is best.”

Britt said that she’s getting raw, open, and honest and is not in agreement with a lot of things that have happened since their separation and divorce.

Brittany said that she doesn’t know how to respond when people ask her how she feels. The mom-of-three said that when she gets asked about her divorce or ex-husband leaving to Los Angeles, she compares it to people asking a surviving loved one, “how do you feel?” when someone passed away.

The vlogger said that she’s not 100% over everything and that she’s still going through the different emotions and phases of her journey.

“No, I’m not over it, I’m not completely done with this journey of my story.”

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Britt said that there needs to be forward motion because being stuck in the past isn’t helpful for growth. Britt said that she is healing, but she refuses to miss out on her life and fun because she’s stuck in hurt.

“Sometimes we wait for life to be perfect in order to find happiness and joy.”

Overall, Britt said that it’s not her responsibility to fix what went wrong in their marriage now that they are divorced. The semi-new single mom said that it’s her responsibility to move on and think about her three children, Audrey, Kailand, and Maddox.

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