The Nive Nulls First YouTube Channel Vlog!

The Nive Nulls

On March 25th, 2010 Austin and Brittany Null make their debut on the YouTube Vlogger scene. Britt is in the kitchen whipping up some quesadillas. It’s so cute to see a “baby” Britt and Austin as a newlywed couple. It’s hard to imagine Audrey and Kailand are not around and not expect them to pop out of the bedroom!


@0:17 “So who exactly are we recording all of this for?” asks Britt.

“YouTube.” Austin replies in a frank tone..Austin was way ahead of his time-it’s almost as if he was recording yesterday.

“You really think people are gonna watch this?”

“We’ll not at first, but one day we’ll be FAAAAMOUS! Hehe!”

“And then, we won’t have to work, right?” says Britt in a sarcastic tone. “That’s the only reason I’m doing this, so I don’t have to work. Watch our channel so we don’t have to work.”

The Nive Nulls

@3:11 Britt says, “You’re making me blush, even though I’m black and I can’t really blush.” Britt goes on to say the closest she’s ever come to blushing is turning purple. Austin says, “That’s called not breathing…”

[Images via The Nive Nulls/YouTube/Instagram.]

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