The Nive Nulls Interview: The Nulls Give Their Take On YouTube And Family Vlogging!

The Nive Nulls

The Nive Nulls are interviewed on their stance on family vlogging and YouTube via The Conchilla Network.

the nive nulls

Where you and your partner are from?
Kansas City, MO

Both of your age?
I’m 24. She’s 27. Same birthday, actually.  Fun fact

How you met?
We met through our church but really began talking on Facebook and became infatuated with each other very quickly. Lol.

How long you have been together?
We have been together four and a half years and been married for two and a half.

What has been the response from your families and friends in regards to dating outside of your race?
We have had absolutely no problems with either of our immediate families. They’ve both been supportive and knew we were into each other from the first time they saw us hanging out together. Lol.

What have you learn from one another or the best advice you have ever received from your partner?
I’ve learned how to communicate as partner and express my emotions, which is something I didn’t do growing up. We balance each other out very well. I help her stay calm and laid back and she helps me learn to be more assertive in our relationship.

the Nive Nulls

Tell us about your YouTube channel?
We started making YouTube videos in March of 2010 after watching the Shaytards vlogs and thought, “Hey! That looks fun…and we’re fun…so let’s do it!” Today, we still vlog some but, because our schedules are so different, we don’t get to as much and a lot of our videos are skits, pranks and a series I just recently started called Throwback Monday, where I show clips of myself as a little kid.

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