The Nive Nulls: Britt’s Unborn Baby Has Hiccups!

the nive nulls

The Nive Nulls Goes for a Baby Check up!

Today Brittany and Audri go to the hospital for a prenatal check-up and to register Baby Null, who is due mid October. Brittany reads a book to Audri as they wait for the doctor. Leaving the hospital, Audri uses “the force” to open the sliding doors. So cute! Brittany reveals the successful doctors appointment in which Baby Null had the hiccups the entire time. Back at home, Britt and Kailand eat Chipotle while Austin to put together a chair with his friend, Ryan. 

the nive nulls

Britt’s Pep Talk Recap: In her bathroom, Britt addresses students and teachers who are entering the Fall 2015 school year. Britt encourages all to take on the school year with enthusiasm and authenticity. She advises the students not to get caught up in labels (“freshman”, “senior” etc.,) and put pressure on themselves to fit into a certain box, norm or group. Britt encourages teachers with difficult students not to feel discouraged because teacher’s play important roles in children’s lives. “School is about learning, life experiences and trying new things”, Britt says to bring things in perspective. An important takeaway is that we cannot change the world alone…we cannot control if someone thinks we are “cool”, if someone wants a relationship with us; However, can change our world by changing ourselves,  familial relationships, friendships and how we treat others, which in turn changes those in our lives.

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