The Nive Nulls Feeling PRESSURE from YouTube?!

the nive nulls
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The Nive Nulls Discuss Challenges and Adjustments with Three Children

Austin Null and Britt Null of The Nive Nulls YouTube family vlog channel discusses the difficulty in having three children and the pressures of YouTube. One viewer asked “What is the hardest adjustment with three kids?” Britt Null says the hardest adjustment are the older two children (Audri and Kailand) and the fact that she and Austin are outnumbered. Britt tells viewers she has been the only one to have all three children at once. However, it has become easier in the last week because Maddox Null is such a good baby. Austin says Audri and Kailand are at a “very needy” age. Britt reminds Austin they are only “3 and 2”.

Britt discusses having Audri and Kailand at a bookstore while Austin was home with newborn sonMaddox-on that day, Britt says she wondered how she would have handled all three children at once.

The Nive Nulls Feeling Pressure from YouTube

Another viewer asked, “What do you think is your biggest challenge in being a popular YouTube family?” Austin says the biggest challenge is,

“People expect you to live your life in a certain way and they also don’t fully understand your life-even though they assume they do.”

Britt continues to say this is a lot of pressure, “Well, it’s a lot of pressure if you really care what everyone thinks and what you should be doing. The longer we’ve done this-the more we realize…we really care about you guys and we really appreciate you watching our videos-but, we don’t put as much into like-oh! They think we should be doing this and we should be doing that-like, you kinda have to just be who you are.”

the nive nulls

Austin says in the beginning, he wanted to make everyone happy. Austin says he made a conscious effort to respond to all comments etc., Britt says they cannot make everyone happy because people will have completely opposite opinions.

“In this process you realize-it’s not about you guys. We are living our life and it’s a very real life. At the same time-it’s still entertainment.”

Austin says there are some things he doesn’t like about YouTube and there are things he does not like. Austin enjoys YouTube as a platform to spark good discussions.

Another viewer asks, “What is Britt’s favorite song at the moment?” Britt lights up and responds, “Can’t Sleep Love”, by the Pentatonix.

the nive nulls

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