The Nive Nulls

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Austin Null Raps For Britt Promising To Be Faithful and Excited About Future Marriage!

Here is a song Austin Null wrote for Britt entitled “Brizzy B” in 2009 (before Audri, Kailand and Maddox)—when they were engaged. Brizzy B “So many times I...
The Nive Nulls

The Nive Nulls Interview: The Nulls Give Their Take On YouTube And Family Vlogging!

The Nive Nulls are interviewed on their stance on family vlogging and YouTube via The Conchilla Network. Where you and your partner are from? Kansas City,...
the nive nulls

The Nive Nulls Paints Son’s Kailand Null’s Nails!

Austin and Britt Null (3rd baby due October 2015) go on a walk with their children, teaching Audri to ride her bike. The Nulls go...
The Nive Nulls

TribeTyler Captures Beautiful Moment Between Austin Null and Daughter!

The multitalented Tyler Shelton of TribeTyler captures a beautiful moment between family vlogger Austin Null and daughter, Audri Null (The Nive Nulls). This photo was taken at Vlogger Fair 2015 in...
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The Nive Nulls–Austin Null Tells Sam and Nia to Take Hiatus Amidst Ashley Madison...

RELATED: Austin Null ADMITS to Online Cheating! In Sam and Nia Rader's attempt to be America's #1 Christian Vloggers-many viewers say it leaves them forgetting one thing-Family! Well, Austin...
Phil Defranco

Austin Null and Phil DeFranco–Sam and Nia Ashley Madison Cheating Scandal!!

Phillip DeFranco and Austin Null Discuss Sam and Nia Ashley Madison Cheating Scandal! (RELATED: Austin Null Telling Sam Rader to Take Hiatus After Ashley Madison Cheating Scandal!) Get...
The Nive Nulls

The Nive Nulls First YouTube Channel Vlog!

On March 25th, 2010 Austin and Brittany Null make their debut on the YouTube Vlogger scene. Britt is in the kitchen whipping up some quesadillas. It's...
The Nive Nulls

Aaaadorable Audrey Null of The Nive Nulls YouTube Channel Plays Pretend!

Little Audrey Null of The Nive Nulls plays pretend waking up early to get herself ready for school! Want News and Updates on YouTubers and...
the nive nulls

Want To Meet The Nive Nulls?

Want to meet The Nive Nulls? Austin Null and Audrey Null will be at Vlogger Fair 2015 this month! Austin Null Family Vlogs: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: YouTube: Brittany Null Family...
the nive nulls

The Nive Nulls: Britt’s Unborn Baby Has Hiccups!

The Nive Nulls Goes for a Baby Check up! Today Brittany and Audri go to the hospital for a prenatal check-up and to register Baby Null,...


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