ShayCarl of The Shaytards Includes ENTIRE FAMILY In Saturday WORKOUT!


ShayCarl of the Shaytards YouTube Channel Includes Entire Family in Weekend Workout!

Health and fitness is important to the Shaytards. In todays vlog, it is Saturday morning and Shay discusses how children ask for sweet treats whenever they are out and about. Today, Shay decides to make them work for any unhealthy snacks. Rocktard’s been askiing for gummy bears so- 14lb ball challenge begins: Rocktard (Brock) digs deep to lift the 14lb ball 6 times on top of Shay’s bedroom dresser!


Next up: Babytard (Emmi). Shay up’s it a notch by putting two boxes on the dresser and having her lift the 14lbs ball 15 times because Babytard is older and taller.


Throughout the vlog Shay provides humor in the form of encouragement to the children. Shay drops motivation appropriate for each child: Rocktard gummy bears motivation, Babytard-Shay raves about how strong she is and Sontard-Shay reminds him football tryouts are coming soon.

Sontard lifts 14lb exercise ball.

Sontard is met with the task of lifting the 14lbs ball onto the top bedroom mantle 20 times. Shay provides great tips to them including “if you don’t have good form, you will hurt your back”, “keep your core tight”, “use your chest”, “squat, keep your head up” and “get under the ball”. Princesstard has a little more difficult time lifting the 14lbs ball. Skip to Brotard (Daxton) tries his hardest to lift the 14lbs ball and looks adorable in his attempts.

The family runs errands, gets treats and goes to the movies to see “Fantastic Four”. Shay gives the movie a mediocre review and notes, it’s rare that we walk out of movie theater’s now and days and just go, “YYYYEEEEEAAAAAH!!!!”. The family hops in the minivan, sings a few songs and return home.

[Image via The Shaytards/YouTube.]

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