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Tyler Shelton NERVOUS When Proposing To Girlfriend Of 7 Years?!

Tyler Shelton uploaded a vlog entitled, “The Day I Proposed” and describes the various emotions he felt when proposing to girlfriend of 7 years,...

TribeTyler and Haylee Rose Getting MARRIED In Two Weeks!

Tyler and Haylee Shop For Wedding Items High school sweethearts, Tyler Shelton and Haylee Rose had been dating for over seven years before Tyler proposed...

TribeTyler & ‘TRIXIN Fam’ in Orlando for PlayList Live!

Tyler Shelton of TribeTyler YouTube channel begins the vlog noting he will be working with Scottish singer and songwriter, KT Tunstall. KT Tunstall is...

TRIBETYLER Reveals Secrets To YouTube Brand Deals & Bringing Value To Advertising!

TribeTyler uploaded a vlog entitled, “The Secret To Brand Deals” where he discusses his take on the advertising industry and how he hopes to...

TribeTyler YouTube Vlogger FIRST CHRISTMAS in New State & New Apartment!

TribeTyler Has First Christmas in New Apartment TribeTyler is vlogging everyday of his 20's. Tyler Shelton has experience many milestones thus far including; getting engaged...

TribeTyler Gets INSPIRED by Partners in Business Meeting!

Fellow Vloggers SamikaVlogs Stop by TribeTyler's Apartment To Help with Vlogging Footage Tyler was having a little difficulty editing some footage so Sam, Jennika (Jennika's...

TribeTyler Buys First Pair of Designer Shoes (Made from Cork)!

TribeTyler Stumbles into the World of Designer Shoes   YouTube vlogger, Tyler Shelton of TribeTyler jokes of being "negatively influenced" in the shoe department. With the help of vlogger...
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TribeTyler And Top Family Vloggers Visit Washington Monument Together!

  TribeTyler and Top Family Vloggers Meetup in Washington Tyler Shelton meets up with other YouTube Family Vloggers in Washington, DC. Shay Carl of the Shaytards, Daehan Jang,...

Tyler Shelton of TribeTyler Does a Quick ReCap at 4:00am of the Day

At H&M, Daehan Jang give the guys a quick lesson in Men's fashion. The group goes to visit the Washington Monument. Tyler Shelton (TribeTyler), Charles...

Vlogging Every Day of His 20s, TribeTyler Moves Into First Apartment

TribeTyler Moves to Utah after Vlogger Fair 2015 Tyler Shelton has made a commitment to vlog every day of his 20's. In a vlogging world...


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