TribeTyler Changing the Vlogging Game?


Tyler Shelton (age 21), has a knack for showing the beauty in everyday, mundane life. In this vlog, Tyler finally finds his unique vlogging style which is a reflective, narrative/documentary kind of vlogging.

Tyler’s sister Kaitlyn is a Senior in high school and is able to leave school everyday before 12:00pm, not even attending lunch. In most vlogs, something like this wouldn’t be “exciting” enough to elaborate on, but-in everyday life, this is interesting news to many.


@0:43 Tyler usually takes his sister to work and they usually have 30-35 minutes to spare. Tyler sits at his computer desk and Kaitlyn enters wanting a ride to work. The camera seems to be perched on a desk, making the audience feel like a “fly on the wall” as opposed to a kind of intrusive guest.

Tyler manages to get his sister to work with 3 minutes to spare. Tyler goes home and uploads the video. Tyler discusses people who make negative comments on his video and likens it to someone getting free food and complaining about it by saying “This free food is terrible, it’s cold.”


Tyler goes on to take a shower, a place in which he has his best thoughts and deepest ideas. Tyler contemplates where he’s headed in life before going to Haylee’s house for family dinner.

@2:30 Tyler discusses his new style of vlogging which is now his favorite because to him, it feels more “real”. With this style of vlogging, Tyler can film everyday moments without as he says, “Versus being up in everybody’s face and pushing it down their throats.This way, it feels more natural.”


Tyler wraps up the vlog explaining a vlogger phenomenon “Vlogs is where everyone thinks their thoughts and ideas matter, and they do…it’s just in how you present ’em.” #TribeTylerSlays #KeepIt20

[Image via TribeTyler/YouTube.]

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