TribeTyler and Haylee Rose Getting MARRIED In Two Weeks!


Tyler and Haylee Shop For Wedding Items

High school sweethearts, Tyler Shelton and Haylee Rose had been dating for over seven years before Tyler proposed on a trip in Italy. Finally, after much anticipation for viewers, Tyler and Haylee will be getting married in a COUPLE of WEEKS! In a vlog entitled, “RING SHOPPING” Tyler and Haylee vlog themselves in the mall buying items for their wedding. After lunch, the couple goes shopping for Tyler’s suit and both of their wedding bands.

Tyler tries on a very stylish cream colored suit he will be wearing when getting married. The cute couple then makes their way to the Jewelry store to pick out rings. Funny enough, a man (whose daughter recently got married), gives Tyler and Haylee a gift card for $100 off!

Tyler Shelton tries on suit he will be wearing when exchanging vows.

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