TribeTyler & ‘TRIXIN Fam’ in Orlando for PlayList Live!


Tyler Shelton of TribeTyler YouTube channel begins the vlog noting he will be working with Scottish singer and songwriter, KT Tunstall. KT Tunstall is widely known for the hit 2004 song, “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”. Tyler, Daehan Jang, Sam Andersen (Samika Vlogs) and Aaron will help KT record footage that she will be sending to her editors!


KT Tunstall, Shay and Colette (Shaytards) brainstorm with the help of everyone what the set for her song, “Beach Ball” will look like. Everyone will come on stage with beach balls—KT will record a sound bite from everyone and combine it all together to make the song. One by one everyone sings their sound bite when at the end, nothing was recorded!

KT says it was a “that was an electrical fault”, Shay says, “These things happen!” and everyone walks back across the stage to perform the song once again.shaytards

Playlist live was a success for all!

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