TRIBETYLER Reveals Secrets To YouTube Brand Deals & Bringing Value To Advertising!


TribeTyler uploaded a vlog entitled, “The Secret To Brand Deals” where he discusses his take on the advertising industry and how he hopes to bring more value to advertising. Tyler says talking about brand deals are taboo in the YouTube community and feels it may only be looked down upon by those who are significantly younger. Tyler says he was a YouTube fan for 5 years before he even began making videos. Tyler says there is a certain way all YouTubers go about their brand deal and something viewers may not know is—there is an actual list of things YouTubers have to say and if they do not, the deal is null and void—no payment, or will not get what is in the contract. Tyler says he hasn’t done any brand deals but he isn’t against them…He wondered if that is why they all do these deals the same.

Tyler says he had a conversation with fiance, Haylee Rose on how to approach possible brand deals. Last year, Tyler made an ad for TRIXIN entitled, “The Gift”. Daehan and Eric also found an ad for Extra gum—which utilizes the same components of storytelling in the advertising. Tyler says,

“I passed up a few opportunities which was probably pretty dumb of me—but it didn’t allow me to be the person I wanted to be…that sounds so angsty…In the future, I think it would be so cool and so much fun to take whatever it is the company comes to you with—the people who get those deals usually have list of things they have to do in order to make the contact fulfilled or whatever. But they always try to do as little as possible in as short as amount of time as possible, but what if you flip that—what if you were so fired up about a product, a project, a brand or really fired up about a company and took it to heart and thought about it and really presented it in a way to which you’re proud of it. It’s like a project, it could be a branded project. It’s pretty crazy the things people can do with technology these days.”

Tyler says he thinks it’d be really cool to do advertising the way he did for his TRIXIN video for other companies.

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