TRISHA PAYTAS Fake Relationship EXPOSED by Choreographer/Dancer, Joe Slaughter!

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Uh oh, things are getting very interesting. Joe Slaughter, Trisha Payta’s new ‘boyfriend’ and choreographer just uploaded a video to his YouTube channel wanting to “clear things up” about Trisha Paytas! The vlog is literally entitled, “Time to Clear Things Up About Trish and I.” Joe reveals he was approached by Trisha on a professional level to be the main guy and star in her music video. Joe says Sean Van Der Wilt broke up with Trisha via text and before that they were supposed to be shooting the video. Joe says he’s known Sean for about 10-YEARS, ever since he moved to Los Angeles, California.

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on break with my babe @joeslaughter1 ???

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“I need to clear up some things that seem to be grossly misinformed assumptions about me, my life and about Trisha…and about Sean as much as I don’t wanna talk about him—because I don’t really think he’s that least not for me.”

Joe goes on to say he doesn’t have anything against Sean Van Der Wilt—the problem may be coming from Sean’s end. Joe begins to list the various reasons Sean may have a problem,

“Maybe I booked jobs over him, maybe I”m younger than him, maybe I’m not trying to be a singer at 40 years old? I dunno.”

Joe says Trisha got his name and “play like their together to see how Sean reacts. I told her I had a girlfriend, she knew that from the get-go. I’ve been with her for about a year and a half.” Joe then shows viewers a photo of his girlfriend!

joe slaughter
Joe Slaughter holding photo of him and his girlfriend.

He doesn’t reveal her name, but he says, “This is my baby”. Joe informs viewers that he has Trisha’s best interest at heart and will be there for her the best he can as a friend.

“This game that Sean is playing is really childish. I don’t want somebody like that for Trisha because I think he’s toxic. I’m not saying I don’t think their toxic to each other. You know, I wish Sean the best regardless of the hateful things he says to me—in front of me and behind my back.”

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