Trisha Paytas And Jason Nash Breakup After Nash Says Their ‘Fatter’ Than Other Travel Vloggers

Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash breakup

Trisha Paytas uploaded a vlog today titled, “we broke up because I’m too fat” and revealed to viewers that she broke up with Jason Nash because he joked in an interview that he and Trisha were fatter than most travel vloggers. The “I Love You Jesus” singer said that she’s disgusted with how she looks and feels.

Trish said that she and Jason were going to do a reality show together and were being interviewed next to a group of other travel vloggers. Trisha said that she talked to Jason about it later that night — but he didn’t see it as a big deal.

“It was just a reference because we’re both heavy.”

Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash breakup

Trisha said that she has never had anyone refer to her as fat to her face. Trisha said that she would call herself “heavy” or “fat” for the sake of comedy — but, she never really considered herself as fat. Trisha cried on the floor of her living room as she broke down and admitted that she now believes that she is fat. Paytas said that Jason must have been disgusted with her this entire time — but, she understands because most people prefer a thinner girl.

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Trisha said that being called fat is a major trigger and that she gets a lot of “fat comments” on social media. Paytas said that everyone knows that her weight is an insecurity (although it is something that she has embraced over the years). Trisha revealed that she and Jason had fights about food and healthy eating last week and that made her not want to eat in front of him for a week.

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Trisha started the vlog off by saying that she’s going to take a long break from YouTube so that she can hide out somewhere for three weeks to a month because she doesn’t want to see or talk to anyone.

Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash break up
Trisha Paytas breaks down after revealing that Jason Nash called them ‘heavy.’

Paytas added that the last time they broke up — Jason Nash texted two other women. Trisha said that if fans see Jason making out with people on David Dobrik‘s vlog then that’s fine because “we’re not together” and that is the point of her making the breakup video.

Trisha said Jason would joke and say, “David can eat Olive Garden because he’s 21, at 30 — you have to change your diet.”

The Quentin Tarantino superfan also said that she has sponsored posts that were already scheduled to go up that were already filmed.

“I literally don’t wanna see anybody or have any contact with the outside world for a really, really long time.”

Trisha said that she needs to be alone because the pain she feels in her heart is “the greatest pain” that she’s ever felt.

“It’s awful, it’s the worst pain. I’m not mad at anyone except myself.”

Paytas added that if you watch their vlogs — you can tell that there was a breakdown in their relationship. Trisha said that Jason is a great human and has a great heart.

Trisha said that she never liked when people refer to Jason as “old” and would try to stop any “old jokes” from being in her comment section because she doesn’t like when people make fun of things about other people that they cannot control.

Paytas said that this is the motivation that she needed to lose weight because she cannot bear to look at herself in the mirror. Trisha said that she’s going to isolate herself, workout, eat healthily and come back to YouTube and never discuss her weight again.

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