Are Trisha Paytas And Jason Nash Officially Dating?

Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash uploaded a video titled, “OFFICIALLY DATING.” In the video’s thumbnail, pink jump letters read, “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND” with Jason and Trisha kissing. The couple sits casually on the couch as Trisha announces that Jason is back. In the video, Trisha –who wore a black Juicy tube top — questioned Jason’s mini disappearance.

Trisha revealed to viewers that she didn’t hear back from Jason after their first date. Nash said that he was incredibly busy. Jason emphasized his desire to work hard and said, “I try to work so hard and I don’t wanna bore your viewers by explaining my life.”

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Jason Nash and Trisha Paytas dating
Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash joke about their dating status.

The “I Love You Jesus” singer interjected and said that Jason went out on other dates in between their first and second date. Trisha then asked Jason, “So what did I do wrong that I didn’t get a second date?” Trisha said that they were currently on a second date — but, it took months.

Trisha went on to say that Jason does work a lot and makes money and that’s super hot because she’s never dated anyone who made money.

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Jason revealed to Trisha that he gets asked by numerous people, “What’s she like?” and “Is she really nuts?” Jason said that he tells them “Trisha has the best personality, she’s so sweet, and she’s not all about herself at all.” Jason said that he’s never been around someone who was so considerate and has asked about him so much.

Does Jason Nash Want To Date Trisha Paytas?

Jason admitted that he wasn’t in the position to have a girlfriend — although Trisha jokingly said that she’s ready to get married and have kids. Trisha said that she was attracted to him before but joked and said “you’re rich” and said that Jason became even more attractive when she discovered all the sponsorships he was getting.

Trisha then admitted that everyone she’s ever dated has cheated on her so if Jason wants to cheat then he’s free to do so as long as she can say that their “officially dating.”

Trisha then joked and said that they were dating and a few moments later jokingly broke up with Jason because he hesitated on making future plans to hang out again.

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