Trisha Paytas To Jason Nash: ‘I’m NOT A Liar!,’ Releases Clips Of Food Argument

Trisha Paytas responds to Jason Nash

Trisha Paytas uploaded several video clips onto Instagram and has now uploaded a video responding to Jason Nash denying her allegations of him calling her fat. Trisha said that Jason needs to “own it” and say it was a “bad joke.”

The “I Love You Jesus” singer said that video does exist of her claims but she’s not sure whether or not she will be obtaining it. Trisha did include clips of her and Jason out and she asked if they should get popcorn. Jason suggested they opt out of having the snack.

“Maybe you should slow down on the popcorn.”


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Trisha also added footage of Jason telling her that she’d be “looking hot a size lower.” During the argument, Nash explained that Trisha was feeling sick the other day and he said that he thinks it’s a result of her diet. Jason said that it started a huge fight—but he told her he was sorry, but Paytas proceeded to go on a “hunger strike.”

Trisha said that she can’t believe that Jason is calling her a liar because that is one thing that she doesn’t do is lie about people. Paytas said that diet and exercise is something big in Jason’s life and she doesn’t really value that as much as he does.

Trisha said that she’s not blaming Jason for his “fat joke” but she’s not being delusional and said that she cannot stand when someone “gaslight’s” her.

Paytas said that she may be insecure but she loved/loves Jason “more than anything.” Paytas revealed that they had plans to go see his family this weekend.

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