Trisha Paytas’ Ex, Sean van der Wilt, Tweets Cryptic Message After Jason Nash Breakup!

Sean van der Wilt tweets after Trisha Paytas Jason Nash breakup

Trisha Paytas‘ ex-boyfriend, Sean van der Wilt tweeted a cryptic message about love soon after Trisha uploaded a video announcing that she was breaking up with fellow YouTuber, Jason Nash. Sean tweeted a message saying that he just wants to love and be loved in return.

“I JUST WANNA LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURN… It should be that simple right?”

Many of his and Trisha’s followers urged Sean to call Trisha.

One of Van der Wilt‘s Twitter followers wrote, “Reach out to Trish as a friend. I honestly can’t think of any reason her & Jason couldn’t work unless her true love was really someone else. Honestly, you guys match in like every way whereas, although I loved Jason, they didn’t. Like she always said, you’re the ‘Trish whisperer'”

Another commenter wrote that Trisha looked happier around Sean.

“I never thought Trisha looked happy with Jason. She looked happy around Sean.”

Following the post, Sean tweeted that he would be arriving in LA within a few hours.

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