TRISHA PAYTAS Reveals Issues With Infertility & Time In Sex Industry

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Trisha Paytas Reveals Issues With Infertility & Time In Sex Industry

YouTube veteran, Trisha Paytas reveals details on her time in the sex industry and infertility issues in an emotional vlog entitled, “WHY I CAN’T HAVE CHILDREN”. Trisha tells viewers the vlog is difficult to make because “this issue” is something she has had to come to terms with for the past year and a half. Trisha says, “It was devastating when I found out…and I thought this would be a good video to set the record straight.”

Multiple viewers have asked Paytas “How many kids do you want?”, “Do you want kids?”—Trisha has even joked about having 12 kids. Now, Trish responds with “Kids aren’t for me”. Trish says this would be a good video to explain why she cannot have children. Trish adds, other childless women may get asked the same questions and could be viewed as selfish. Trisha wants others to be sensitive to underlying issues women could have in regards to bearing children.

“It is no secret I used to work in the sex industry and I always say that I suffered greatly from it. I’ve had lots of unprotected sex in my life and I don’t say that to boast, I say that as a word of caution. And, what happened to me is something that could happen to anyone. It’s also very easily preventable if you practice safe sex—and or obtain from sex until you trust someone. So, I used to have sex with random guys all the time and unprotected. I just felt uncomfortable to be in the industry that I was in and say, “Wear a condom”—so, I just had lots of unprotected sex and I can’t pinpoint one person who gave me diseases…I- I can’t. I think what’s worse about it all is I don’t even know who to go to…They always say when you have an STD to contact the person you were with or people you were with…but, at the time I was with so many—and I don’t remember half of the people. I don’t remember their names, their faces or their phone numbers. I was with so many, it was kind of impossible. I didn’t have their contact information.”

Trisha explains she contracted chlamydia 4-5 years ago and it was dormant. Trish goes into great detail in regards to the symptoms she had. Trish says she went to the gynecologist, got medication and got rid of it. A couple years later once she was out the sex industry—Trish says a guy she was dating gave her an STD. At the same time she was casually seeing another guy. Several months later Trish says she found out she caught chlamydia. Trish seems to be uncertain which guy she got it from (her ex, or the new guy). Again, several months later while only seeing the new guy, Trish gets a check up and finds she is clear of any STD’s. Trish then finds out she has pelvic inflammatory disease and has low chances of having children. Trisha says she’s been recommend to get a hysterectomy due to the cysts on her ovaries. Trish says it’s a frightening situation that she has had to come to terms with. Trisha goes on to say even though she would love to have a child to share her genes, there are other things she would not want to pass on genetically. Trisha sends a powerful message to viewers and tells those watching to be safe having sex because no amount of pleasure is worth your health.

Trisha says she has to disclose these things to new partners and if the person doesn’t understand or want to engage in sexual activities then it is something she has to live with.

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